Jan. 1st, 2011 05:16 am
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the that's my favorite! meme

This could be interesting. Honestly, it you just wanted to leave concrit I would be fine with that since I would definitely like to know how to improve upon my writing.

I finished one chapter in "A Study in Scarlet" and needed to watch the first episode of Sherlock again. IT'S AN ADDICTION, GUYS, LIKE SHERLOCK TO NICOTINE PATCHES AND/OR SHAG.

I put all my homework off until the last minute again. But I mean, really, it's summer school. AOJWEFWE I JUST DON'T WANT TO WRITE ANYTHING ESSAYISH ANYMORE.
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So yesterday, after realizing I had slept until 6:30 PM and had missed class, I pretty much refused to engage with the rest of the world. A lot of it, I think, was because I had been up for 36 hours, and it still took me two hours to get to sleep. I guess it's a good thing that I have an appointment for next Saturday.

Today was slightly better. I watched an old Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie that was playing on TCM. The British stereotypes greatly annoyed me, but other than that it was fun. I'm still 90% convinced that the movie was about gay jockey love. I mean, seriously, all that time together and neither one made a move on Garland? Ridiculous. Garland and Rooney belong together, in every movie.

[livejournal.com profile] sixbitsforfact (is that okay? Can I use her name like that?) came over for happy hour, and then we walked into town. We stopped by Barnes & Noble and I picked up the LoTR trilogy. I already had Fellowship, but it was the version with Elijah on the cover and although I like it, I couldn't find the two other companions to that version, so I figure I can sell it or give it away. I feel a lot better having the trilogy being of the same print. If that makes sense? Anyway, it was large paperback and it only cost $30, which I think is decent considering that they look pretty nice. Then we went for ice cream, and then we walked home. Which means I haven't had dinner, but I know there's an extra pizza slice waiting for me downstairs, and some rice.

Wizard of Oz was waiting on TCM for me when I got home, as well as a movie that I spent about a year trying to track. It was finally on megaupload (and megavideo too!), and I'm really happy that I found it. It may or may not be another Mickey Rooney flick...I'm semi-obsessed with Andy Hardy.

I've almost to the end of Buffy and Angel seasons 1 and 4, but I decided to take a little break, since I feel like I've been watching too much TV on my computer. I've also decided to "not stay up all night" but I don't know how well that is going to take. I have to get up before 4 for an interview, so at least I won't sleep in all day.

There are way too many movies playing in DC for me to keep track of. As well as a bunch of plays for the DC Fringe Festival. Why was I not aware of all the amazing DC things before? Bethesda is boring as hell, I should be living in the city! But at least I've latched on now. I've always loved AFI, and in the next couple of days they're playing "Clue" and "Empire Strikes Back". I think I've missed out on seeing "Legend". Goodbye Tom Cruise on a unicorn! And then E Street is playing "Best Worst Movie" which I've been dying to see for years. There's no way I'm missing that.

Well, that seems to be it for now. I attempted a couple of poems the other day, but I haven't made any progress on that Glee fic. I think I need a plot. That seems to be a bit lacking. I haven't forgotten to clean up [livejournal.com profile] sitrow, I just...haven't done it yet. Oh well. Such is life.
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Guess I owe you a couple of things, huh?

Day 2
Well, I just wrote about Clueless for a paper, so I'm probably going to have to watch that tonight and quote everything line by line, but I'm going to go with Moulin Rouge anyway. It really just made me realize that all that things I imagined I could do with movies could really be done. And it has an awesome soundtrack to boot.

Day 3
Yeah, this is a little hard. Glee is my new favorite, but it's probably not going to be in my all-time tops unless the rest of the season and every season after is going to be as awesome as it has been. Supernatural is a favorite, but I'm a little behind (haven't seen anything after hiatus) and although I love it, it doesn't get me uber-excited every time I watch it anymore. Gilmore Girls is gone, Primeval is fun but not my favorite, Fringe I'm just getting started on, so I guess I'm going to have to go with Doctor Who. It's a great show (probably not the best ever, but damned if I'll ever concede that to my friends), and I'm happy and content every time I watch it. I was getting a little old of RTD antics, but hopefully this new season will be so much awesome I'll forget about the bad things.

Day 4
For much of my life it was Harry Potter. Now I'm thinking it's On The Road, by Jack Kerouac, not because of re-readability or anything, or that is fills me with happy feelings, but it really changed my perspective about life and a lot of things. It affected my philosophy in what I think is a positive way, even though the "characters" are clearly batshit insane.

Day 5
"I am two fools, I know
For loving, and for saying so,"
-John Donne

Day 6
I just counted the number of DVDs in my room: 56. Number of box sets: 16. I recently borrowed The Graveyard Book from my friend, even though I'm already reading Can't Buy Me Love (still not done, less than a hundred pages to go), The Magicians (still), all my reading for class and a bunch of really long Harry/Draco fics that my friend gave to me. I've also decided that I'm going to start writing a really bad gumshoe novel, so if you guys want me to post sections of that I might oblige.


Aug. 15th, 2009 03:00 pm
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Does anyone know of any really good biographies of George Harrison? I know some must exist, and I could search for them myself, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable with a solid recommendation.

...He might be surpassing Paul. MAYBE. I just identify with him a lot, I think.
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Behold! New icons, new header (and a shiny new one for my writing journal if I choose to get a layout), new wallpaper (though you can't see that for obvious reasons) and I actually went through my folder and deleted all the old icons I probably wasn't going to use. Despite the fact that I haven't found a job or written anything or picked up a book after American Gods two days ago or finished a movie... I feel strangely productive. I've consistently got up at 2, and I set my alarm last night but I was up until 4 or 5, so I just hit snooze and went on with my life. Tomorrow will be better on that front, I hope.
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I hope I did the right things buying some of my books at half.com. They don't get shipped until the 22nd (two days after classes start) and how do I know I wouldn't be able to get a better deal at my bookstore? I mean, I checked against the prices online, and only bought the ones that were cheaper (some of them online actually turned out to be more expensive with shipping prices) but I'm still not sure. I don't want to waste more money though, I feel like I've been doing that a lot lately. Hopefully when I get back to college there'll be a couple of receipts in the mail. I also want to sell my books, but they're all back in my dorm.

So! Today I got my ten-year diary. And yes, okay, I admit I stole the idea from [livejournal.com profile] hobbit_eyes, but it just seemed so romantic, and it's really, truly awesome. The first row is for 2008, so I'm either going to go back in my LJ and fill up what I can, or create a whole magical year of my life. I also caught up on the Office, went to an art supply store, out for dinner and watched Accepted and Moulin Rouge. However, because I'm stupid, I missed the new episode of Supernatural. Very, very lame.

You may notice that I've deleted all my previous Twitter posts, and have discontinued them for the future. I figure I don't want to clog up my front page, and your flists, by things that I can read on twitter itself. But for my friends out there who have it, and haven't already friended me, my name is fuzzywuzzyjr. I still update quite frequently.

Tomorrow I pack for school, and then I'm off on Saturday. I could complain about how I accomplished nothing since I got home from NYC (since I just finished doing that somewhere else), because I haven't read, taken notes on or written anything, but I'll probably (hopefully) do some of that tomorrow (or what's left of it after I wake up) or, you know, just pack.

Hopefully I can keep doing these semi-regular updates once I return to school. I would love to make time for you guys, I swear.

Chuck 2x07

Jan. 14th, 2009 06:16 am
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Okay, it's very hard to concentrate on the scene when one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons is playing in the background. And what's with the opera theme anyway?

Also, Vogon poetry!!!

My second season of Drake & Josh finally finished, and I'm also trying to watch Bye, Bye, Birdie, but Rosie has refused so I'm going to have to find the time at night when she's asleep to watch it. I'm also trying to catch up on HIMYM, but Mediafire is being a little bitch, and in an attempt to reboot my QI download, I inadvertently got rid of 50%+ files, which sucks a lot because downloading is very slow right now. The estimated remaining time is 3 days, sometimes 7, sometimes 25. Catching up is hard to do....


P.S.S. I found a funny new cute comic! It's called Girls with Slingshots. Check out one of my favorite strips:

ETA: Favorite quote of the night is - "I have the sneaking suspicion that we're lame."


Dec. 21st, 2008 11:41 pm
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Shows I Am Watching Or Waiting To Watch:
Clarissa Explains It All (Season 1)
Drake and Josh (Season 2 BUT IT'S SO SLOW)
X-Files (Season 2)
Angel (Season 2)
Buffy (Season 5)
Doctor Who (Seasons 13+14)
Pushing Daises (catching up from 2x06)
Blackadder (Season 1 BUT IT'S SO SLOW)

Movies I Am Waiting To Watch/Finish:
Streetcar Named Desire
Cast A Deadly Spell
Pathology (except...ew ew ew)
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Dead and Breakfast
Hocus Pocus (who doesn't need to see it again?)
Home for Christmas
Secretary (again)
The Wackness

Books I Want To Read/Finish:
The Subterraneans
Twilight + sequels
Fellowship of the Ring + sequels
Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War
A Long Way Down
Don't Know Much About History
Love is A Many Trousered Thing
The Beautiful Miscellaneous

Things I Should Write:
The SurREAL World: Heroes
Bothered and Bewildered
And In The End
Make 'Em Laugh
Cargo Pants
The Greek Life

Boredom Level: Surprisingly high.
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So, it hasn't even been a week since I last updated.


Granted, mostly it's out of boredom from being in Software Apps. But I'm not going into that. Oh now. I'm about to go on a rant (it will probably have to be continued tonight after I finish my homework, and only after) about "Charmed Thirds", "Heroes", and maybe even something not concerning my reactions and complaints and excitements.

But probably not.

Not that I don't care about anyone else, because I do. But I find that the best kind of therapy for my life is writing about it, and although you might disagree with medium (and I'm using "you" loosely, because I'm pretty sure no one reads this), I like it. Hey, I'm a Leo, I require the attention.

Anyway, yesterday, I came home, and found out just how addicted to Jessica Darling I am. I finished the last 100 or so pages instead of doing my homework. It was stupid, but I got to the point where if I didn't finish the book, then I would have been distracted anyway. I needed to see Marcus and Jessica back together again. It was like the time that Lorelai and Luke were seperated for the first time, and I had to watch all the episodes in one night until they got back together. I'm pretty sure this addictive behavior to romance that is not my own is troublesome. But I enjoy it. I get a thrill from knowing how right for each other two people are, and I can't wait for them to see it. I think it has something to do with the fact that they broke up with each other first. Because that just makes the desire all the more intense. Then again, after I finished reading the book, I felt that insatisfaction I get when everything turns out exactly the way I want it to, and then the book just ends. I know she plans on writing another book, which I'm ecstatic about, but I'm still thinking about the book, and I'm pretty sure I will go back to it intermittently for the next couple of weeks. There are a few books that have this affect on me. Also, I realized, that in the last post, I said that I thought that Jessica and I are on the same intellectual level, which was probably wrong. I'm starting to think that she's smarter, but then again, she's been through college, and fictional. I'm not putting myself down, I just think she's smarter, is all.

On to the next subject. "Heroes". The show love of my life. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm as much as fan as Gilmore Girls, Smallville and Supernatural as ever. But Heroes is seriously addictive. Like, I'm pretty sure I'm as obsessed with Heroes as other people are with Lost. My dad wanted to watch a game last night, instead of taping the last half of my show, and I literally threw a fit. It should be said that I only really get emotional over stupid things, so it's pretty run-of-the-mill. I have yet to really get terribly upset over something I should be getting terribly upset about. I made a compromise with him, which stated that I would go upstairs and finish my math homework away from the TV if he wouldn't change the channel. Thus, I never got to finish the second half of the show. Even so, the first half was spectacular. So much happened, I actually thought that the show was almost over when my dad came down, instead of half a whole other segment left. Lots of things started to make sense, especially since the episode took place six months before the pilot, so we get the beginning of all the Heroes. For example, we learn that Niki has a twin sister Jessica, who tragically died one way or another. That makes sense. Sorry for the spoiler, but I did say that I was going to talk about the show. Anyway, that's the end of the period. Bye.


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