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Pretty much life hates me because I was halfway through writing up Sunday (after writing ALL of Saturday) and through some mishap I delete the entire entry. LJ chooses then to autosave. So basically, I'm screwed and I'm gonna have to write up a not-so-awesome second draft which I hate doing since it's never as good as the first.

Also, I've been putting off making updates because I wanted to write about Comic Con first, but I guess that's not going to happen. So? Pimpage. Pimpage all the way.

In the past week I have joined:
[ profile] whedonland (I haven't been sorted yet, but hopefully I'll be an Active.)
[ profile] wholand (Go Team UNIT! There are five members on our team, all the others have at least ten. FML.)

I'm also considering [ profile] spnland but I'm not sure.

Also, welcome to....holy shit there are a lot of you guys. Um, the Deanbottoms crew, I guess? Roam free, my pets. You have entered a land of crack.

Be prepared for memes.

P.S. And please please PLEASE if you have any songs to contribute, post them to [ profile] lookbacksongs. I REALLY don't want that comm to die because it could potentially be my happy place.

P.S.S. Seriously, you guys, any suggestions for movie comms?
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I have little to no idea how to do this properly, but I'm going to try to mix stories, panels and pictures while NOT stabbing your bandwidth in the eyes with a pair of tweezers. I have LOTS of photos, but I'm going to save the secondary ones for the next post. Onwards!

Thursday )

Friday )
An appropriate end to Friday! I'm probably going to, you know, sleep, and then post Saturday and Sunday which includes:

Doctor Who
Being Human

So you know, everything awesome in the world.

Please don't take our photos without credit. Tues, Cookie and I traded off taking photos and we wouldn't want all our hard work to go unnoticed :/ At least tag this journal.
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So, do you guys want my write-up of Comic-Con first or the pictures? Because there are a LOT of pictures, and to save you guys all from bandwith hell I might just split those up into two posts (one with celebrities, one without). You can already get my experience of the first day over at [ profile] ibroketuesday's journal. The only things I did not do with those two was going to the TRS panel (EEEEEEEE! I know I'm the only one on my flish who cares, but I WILL SQUEE GODDAMMIT) and going to the Doctor Who panel instead of the Supernatural one. I HAS AMAZING SPOILERS THAT YOU'VE PROBABLY ALREADY HEARD. I do however have an awesome, awesome Heroes panel story so maybe I'll just pick and choose my favorite moments. I don't know, I've never done this before!

Keep in mind that all my photos of celebrities are both ridiculous and well-shot (IISM).
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SERIOUSLY! Are there going to be people camping out for Doctor Who on Saturday night?

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Well, I'm totally dressing up like Luna Lovegood tonight and acting the idiot. It shouldn't be that hard XD I'm pretty excited but I know that my costume is going to suck and I'm not totally sure what the plans are. I see silly pictures in my future.

Speaking of the plans, are any of you DW peeps out there going to Comic-Con? Any of you camping out? I'm trying to gauge if a) I will have to camp out in order to see the panel and b) if any of you would mind camping out with me if that happens? I'm generally going to be with [ profile] cookie_simone and [ profile] ibroketuesday but they're not going to that panel so IDK if what I'm going to do. Also, there's a late TRS panel that I'm DYING to go to but that's neither here nor there since I can't really do anything about it until we get there.

I'm not sure if I want The Beatles to beat out Dylan and Sinatra on :/ Speaking of, I finally got my iPod (it's silver!) and a hot pink metal cover and it's awesome awesome awesome. I'm so glad I have my music back with me. As sad as it is, it was hard to leave the house because I'd always want to listen to music.

500 Days of Summer on Friday! BEST MOVIE WEEK EVER.

I should probably sleep and stuff since I'm going to be up all night. Although I'm far too experienced at that.
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No Heroes panel D:

BUT 13TH FELICIA DAY EPISODE OF "DOLLHOUSE." And a screening of "V" with Morena Baccarin, but I'm not as excited about that.

Update, June 18: Per NBC, Heroes is now planning a small panel for Saturday with Tim Kring and some of the cast, but not all.

ETA: Doctor Who is at the same time as Smallville DDDDDDDDD: (It's from 10-11, SV is 10:30-11:30, SPN starts at 11:45...)
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Not only is Torchwood and DOCTOR WHO going to be at Comic-Con, but so is BEING HUMAN AND THE MIGHTY BOOSH.




Forward all squeeing and questions (I can't promise I'll work up the nerve) or anything else here!
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It's a wonderful, wonderful thing.

In other news, when was the last time I did homework?

Link me to your Torchwood reviews! I'm too lazy to go back through my flish (which is steadily getting longer and longer as I cram it with people. I love you all so much!) but I know I saw at least three reaction posts in the past two days. I'm about to watch the season finale (I'm assuming it's a two-parter) so I'm all ready for recaps of Adrift, WS, and...whatever the last one is called. Liiiiink!

I'm pretty much watching it all now so that I can move on to the new DW episode! (Don't ask me about it, it's another weird chronological OCD thing.)

I kinda really, really love Jared. But have not seen video of either conventions from the past two weekends. I know it's on Wiki but a) I don't feel like I have time, and b) I might just be a tad jealous, because arrangements for Comic-Con are getting so complicated. I feel like I'm asking my friends for too much. I know they love me, and I'm so grateful, but really, how far can I strain this?

Hopefully I'll get more writing done tomorrow, seeing as how I've spent the last three days unable to move forward because of my character problem (which has now been fixed).

Currently, I have a 70% in History. But there are two things that I haven't turned in that my teacher has not given me zeros for yet. This is not good. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow.

So, I never really got an answer. Supernatural IS going to Comic-Con, right? Right?


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