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Guess I owe you a couple of things, huh?

Day 2
Well, I just wrote about Clueless for a paper, so I'm probably going to have to watch that tonight and quote everything line by line, but I'm going to go with Moulin Rouge anyway. It really just made me realize that all that things I imagined I could do with movies could really be done. And it has an awesome soundtrack to boot.

Day 3
Yeah, this is a little hard. Glee is my new favorite, but it's probably not going to be in my all-time tops unless the rest of the season and every season after is going to be as awesome as it has been. Supernatural is a favorite, but I'm a little behind (haven't seen anything after hiatus) and although I love it, it doesn't get me uber-excited every time I watch it anymore. Gilmore Girls is gone, Primeval is fun but not my favorite, Fringe I'm just getting started on, so I guess I'm going to have to go with Doctor Who. It's a great show (probably not the best ever, but damned if I'll ever concede that to my friends), and I'm happy and content every time I watch it. I was getting a little old of RTD antics, but hopefully this new season will be so much awesome I'll forget about the bad things.

Day 4
For much of my life it was Harry Potter. Now I'm thinking it's On The Road, by Jack Kerouac, not because of re-readability or anything, or that is fills me with happy feelings, but it really changed my perspective about life and a lot of things. It affected my philosophy in what I think is a positive way, even though the "characters" are clearly batshit insane.

Day 5
"I am two fools, I know
For loving, and for saying so,"
-John Donne

Day 6
I just counted the number of DVDs in my room: 56. Number of box sets: 16. I recently borrowed The Graveyard Book from my friend, even though I'm already reading Can't Buy Me Love (still not done, less than a hundred pages to go), The Magicians (still), all my reading for class and a bunch of really long Harry/Draco fics that my friend gave to me. I've also decided that I'm going to start writing a really bad gumshoe novel, so if you guys want me to post sections of that I might oblige.
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Captain Jack: "If that's them, we have to find them, before all hell breaks loose."

Shut up, man, it already did!

I seriously can't think of the phrase "All hell breaks loose" without putting a "Part 1" at the end of it in my mind. I am so, so warped.

I Want That Robot

I've been trying to write my GG fic, but it's really, really weird. Like, OOOOOOOOOOOOC weird. It doesn't even sound like the show. What's wrong with me?

Not sure if I like Torchwood. I'm a bit into the fifth episode, so it could get better, but it took me forever to get through Cyberwoman. I can't watch people make jackasses of themselves, I just can't.

Re-watching Series One of Doctor Who when I come around to it the long way (after watching all of OSDW) fo' sho'. Possibly before.

Is there anybody out there?
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I had exams today:

I probably failed Math, but eh, wasn't expecting better.

This is the product of Spanish:

gnoS sdrawkcaB eht si sihT
gnola gnis dna drawrof ti yalP
gnorts ti tih dna drohc a kciP
gnoS sdrawkcaB eht ot gnolA

hguone raf t'nia syawediS
hguot t'nia tsuj nwod-edispU
ffulb eht llac ot hguone
.hguone hguot s'taht gnos eht ot

Hope you enjoy it.

I made it to the Second Doctor!!!!! Do you know what this means? PROGRESS!!!! But also, unfortunately, many more "reconstructed" episodes. We'll see how long I can stand it.

Tomorrow I have English and History, History being the one I'm more concerned about. We'll see when my friends get on. Until then, I think I might either write (I still have that GG fic) or watch more OSDW.

My dad and I just had a huge laugh about how my mom didn't think e-mail was connected to the internet. I'm actually being serious.
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Almost immediately ripped off from [ profile] evolia

Without looking at the questions under the cut, make a list of your own 6 favorite tv shows and then answer this meme after you've already written them down.

3.Gilmore Girls
4.Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5.Doctor Who

Questionsssss... )
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Jess, how did you become one of my favorite characters? I HATED you first time around.

And then, of course:

I never got the PJ Harvey thing until now. Go figure.
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So I'm back in school, and although my nose has randomly started running, I'm feeling a bit better. No more throbbing headache, so that's a plus. Maybe I can make some headway with my flist, although I have a lot of math homework to catch up on. And a 15-minute presentation and test tomorrow.

Heroes and Gilmore Girls )

I think I'm going to cancel my One-Act rehearsal today, I can't really take it, and I don't even have my journal with me. The thing I'm most worried about now is costumes. No idea where the hell I'm going to get Zach's costume or if it even exists. Oh well.

I wish I had fandom stuff for you guys. I know that's what LJ thrives on, and since I'm in high school my life is a lot more boring that most of yours, but that's all I've got recently. IB and AP exams are in two weeks, so I'm starting to feel the frenzy. I've also got this random IB meeting at 1:45 that I heard nothing about until the beginning of this period. We'll see how that goes...undoubtedly it'll be awkward becuase I can never decide what I want or what they want to hear.

So how've your lives been?
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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.

-from [ profile] moondropz

Meme 2 )
-from [ profile] jkelly113

- from [ profile] keepaofthecheez
It's mostly right except for the..exhibitionist part..? I mean, I really don't know, but I get self-conscious wearing a low-cut shirt or a bikini...

So, about the Dead Baby comment..there's a story behind that, but I'm going to tell you about my whole day anyway.

Dead babies and a whole lot more. )
Good night all, and good luck.

(Oh, and if I'm extra nice, I might have picscam tomorrow since I want to procrastinate.)


Apr. 1st, 2007 12:04 am
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<--Eeee! I just watched this episode today with my mom! It's probably my favorite Luke/Lorelai ep. because Luke is so sweet and even though the whole thing with Chris blows, their relationship is still good! And snow! I love snow! Plus, the continuity from the first season makes me happy *coughSmallvillecough*

So, I'm going to be gone for a couple of days, off college huntin' in Boston and New York. I'll be back by Friday at the latest, so I'm not going to be gone that long, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to update.

Of course, every time I say that, I have full computer access and post more than usual, but whatever. This is just a warning, nothing is definite. Now all I have to do is pack my hair supplies and backpack full of entertaining goodies for the eight hour car ride tomorrow...the only sucky thing is that I get car sick reading (sometimes). Yeeeuch.
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FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY I have another section of my CAF. Admittedly, it's not that long, but it's something. My fic is still alive I tell you! I just resuscitated it! Go! Read! Comment! Love (hopefully)! It's Gilmore Girls and Heroes..which means I've officially given two chapters to each fandom and can now in good conscience go back to my Winchester boys! Whee!!

Everything's over at [ profile] sitrow as per usual XD
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So, I finally updated my Crazy Ass /"Who's on First?" Fic and you can see it ...


Also, I just watched the Wedding Singer for the first time (sad, I know). It's unbelievably sweet. I mean, the first half wasn't that good (I like Drew Barrymore as an actress, but she seemed a little lackluster at the beginning) but it really grew on me. The scene on the plane was so special. I mean. That's completely ridiculous, but really special. And I loved Billy Idol. I didn't even know that it was him, I thought it was an impersonator until I saw the credits...oops :).

So I've basically just been hanging out recovering from my SAT's. No one is really around so I couldn't do anything. Mimi's sister is home from college, Michele is at Sadie Hawkins, Becca is at Oberlin, etc. etc...but at least I have you guys! *hugs* Hey? Where are you going?

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Tons of music AND a fic update. Who's the greatest?
So head on over to [ profile] sitrow for tons of Chlarky fun, and the next update will be Heroes!
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More fic! I have a new section posted up in [ profile] sitrow that's all Smallville! Have fun!
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Sooo happy. Just found out that there was no school tomorrow (thank you Adam for making my day!) and so I don't have to spend today doing my homework (I didn't understand math anyway). Mimi gave me the awesome idea of skating (with sneakers) outside, because the snow is covered in a thick sheet of ice that you can slide on. My house basically sits on a mini hill, so I "skated" down various hills, and down the my driveway (twice), and then there's a steep but short hill to the side of my house that I skated down as well. It was a lot more fun than you'd expect. Also, as I was going outside to skate, I opened the door and there was a package from Amazon. My Gilmore Girls: Season 5 had arrived! This means I can watch the season finale of season 4 tonight or tomorrow with my mom and then start directly onto season 5! Woohoo! I then got invited to the mall, where I had lunch and then went to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Except I didn't build a bear..see, the second I saw the puppy, I thought IMMEDIATELY of Sammy, so I built a Sammy puppy! It's cute, and is definitely J-Pad in dog form!

Puppy!Sammy )

So, I've basically had a terrific day, and to top it all off, it's Winchester day! I'm definitely giddy. Fyi, half of this entry was written three hours ago, while the other half was written three minutes ago, so if it's seems disconnected, that's why. But I don't care! I'm happy!

P.S. I'm so saving a seat on my couch for P!S tonight. He deserves to know who his daddy is ;).
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So, I just updated my story over on [ profile] sitrow and it's lengthy. I tried to find a good cut off point, but I couldn't, and I figured that it didn't really matter in the long run. I tried to do the characterization to the best of my ability, but I'm always a bit off. So any help on that would be nice. Go! Read! I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Is anyone else's HTML screwy?

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So I've just posted a little introduction from my CAS in my LJ [ profile] sitrow. I'm currently looking for a beta for Supernatual and Heroes (though the Heroes beta-r isn't needed yet). Any takers? Why am I pimping my writing on my non-writing LJ? Because no one knows my other LJ exists. So, yeah. Go read it! It's awesome (I hope).
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So I just decided that I'm going to do a Gilmore Girls/Supernatural/Heroes/Smallville crossover.

..This is going to be FUN.

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So, it hasn't even been a week since I last updated.


Granted, mostly it's out of boredom from being in Software Apps. But I'm not going into that. Oh now. I'm about to go on a rant (it will probably have to be continued tonight after I finish my homework, and only after) about "Charmed Thirds", "Heroes", and maybe even something not concerning my reactions and complaints and excitements.

But probably not.

Not that I don't care about anyone else, because I do. But I find that the best kind of therapy for my life is writing about it, and although you might disagree with medium (and I'm using "you" loosely, because I'm pretty sure no one reads this), I like it. Hey, I'm a Leo, I require the attention.

Anyway, yesterday, I came home, and found out just how addicted to Jessica Darling I am. I finished the last 100 or so pages instead of doing my homework. It was stupid, but I got to the point where if I didn't finish the book, then I would have been distracted anyway. I needed to see Marcus and Jessica back together again. It was like the time that Lorelai and Luke were seperated for the first time, and I had to watch all the episodes in one night until they got back together. I'm pretty sure this addictive behavior to romance that is not my own is troublesome. But I enjoy it. I get a thrill from knowing how right for each other two people are, and I can't wait for them to see it. I think it has something to do with the fact that they broke up with each other first. Because that just makes the desire all the more intense. Then again, after I finished reading the book, I felt that insatisfaction I get when everything turns out exactly the way I want it to, and then the book just ends. I know she plans on writing another book, which I'm ecstatic about, but I'm still thinking about the book, and I'm pretty sure I will go back to it intermittently for the next couple of weeks. There are a few books that have this affect on me. Also, I realized, that in the last post, I said that I thought that Jessica and I are on the same intellectual level, which was probably wrong. I'm starting to think that she's smarter, but then again, she's been through college, and fictional. I'm not putting myself down, I just think she's smarter, is all.

On to the next subject. "Heroes". The show love of my life. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm as much as fan as Gilmore Girls, Smallville and Supernatural as ever. But Heroes is seriously addictive. Like, I'm pretty sure I'm as obsessed with Heroes as other people are with Lost. My dad wanted to watch a game last night, instead of taping the last half of my show, and I literally threw a fit. It should be said that I only really get emotional over stupid things, so it's pretty run-of-the-mill. I have yet to really get terribly upset over something I should be getting terribly upset about. I made a compromise with him, which stated that I would go upstairs and finish my math homework away from the TV if he wouldn't change the channel. Thus, I never got to finish the second half of the show. Even so, the first half was spectacular. So much happened, I actually thought that the show was almost over when my dad came down, instead of half a whole other segment left. Lots of things started to make sense, especially since the episode took place six months before the pilot, so we get the beginning of all the Heroes. For example, we learn that Niki has a twin sister Jessica, who tragically died one way or another. That makes sense. Sorry for the spoiler, but I did say that I was going to talk about the show. Anyway, that's the end of the period. Bye.


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