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I had this weird dream last night where I was a student in an art class, but it was all girls and only one guy. So there was talk about how the teacher/institution was actually really sexist because they wanted all the art to be a certain way, and it was all very superficial and it would eventually all lead to us being secretaries. Or something. ANYWAY, what I remember was that the one teacher was being SUPERCRITICAL of the art of the sole guy in the class, because it was really excellent and somehow that was bad. They were self-portraits or something, and the teacher called the guy up to have a chat, and I was waiting next in line to discuss art. Here's the clincher, the student? MILO VENTIMIGLIA. And the teacher? ZACHARY QUINTO.


But that's not all. Eventually, Milo turned to some art that was of Zachary and he was all "Oh, well this, THIS is amazing. I mean, really exquisite!" And Milo goes, "YEAH I REALLY LIKED IT I THOUGHT IT WAS PRETTY." and so they continue this conversation where they're pretty much just jerking each other off and one of the last things I remember hearing from Milo was him shouting at Zach, "I JUST WANT MY FEET ALL OVER YOUR BODY!"

ETA: Oh Jesus Christ, they should take my English Major badge away from me.

Speaking of gay things, I went to D.C's Gay Pride Parade, and it was pretty awesome. It was my one goal in life to get as many beads as possible, and there was literally a woman handing them out to individuals, and she skipped me >:O But other than that it was happy awesome fun times.

Cut for video. Yes, there's video. )

In other news, I think I accidentally ordered a pizza for tomorrow afternoon O_o
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So, do you guys want my write-up of Comic-Con first or the pictures? Because there are a LOT of pictures, and to save you guys all from bandwith hell I might just split those up into two posts (one with celebrities, one without). You can already get my experience of the first day over at [ profile] ibroketuesday's journal. The only things I did not do with those two was going to the TRS panel (EEEEEEEE! I know I'm the only one on my flish who cares, but I WILL SQUEE GODDAMMIT) and going to the Doctor Who panel instead of the Supernatural one. I HAS AMAZING SPOILERS THAT YOU'VE PROBABLY ALREADY HEARD. I do however have an awesome, awesome Heroes panel story so maybe I'll just pick and choose my favorite moments. I don't know, I've never done this before!

Keep in mind that all my photos of celebrities are both ridiculous and well-shot (IISM).
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No Heroes panel D:

BUT 13TH FELICIA DAY EPISODE OF "DOLLHOUSE." And a screening of "V" with Morena Baccarin, but I'm not as excited about that.

Update, June 18: Per NBC, Heroes is now planning a small panel for Saturday with Tim Kring and some of the cast, but not all.

ETA: Doctor Who is at the same time as Smallville DDDDDDDDD: (It's from 10-11, SV is 10:30-11:30, SPN starts at 11:45...)
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Okay, so the politician's office is totally the one they used for Nathan's campaign headquarters as well. I'm so lame that I recognized it by the street outside. And then I was like "Well, I bet there lots of streets that look like that in New York," but then they went inside and it was so obvious.

And guys, I LOVE this show. There are no words.

Cold Snap

Mar. 31st, 2009 06:53 pm
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So that episode of Heroes was...really good.
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I now have two copies of King Lear and Henry the VI instead of Henry the IV. *FAIL*

Have been rearranging and reorganizing furniture with my roommate all day, and tonight I'm probably going to watch a movie. The downside about tomorrow is that my class (the first class of the semester, mind you) goes RIGHT through the inauguration. I'm hoping that my professor is kind-hearted and lets us watch because, seriously, it's Obama and I want to watch with a group of people instead of sitting by myself in front of a computer screen like I watch everything else.

Speaking of this:

GO WATCH HUGH LAURIE ON JAY LENO. Even if you're not a House fan (I'm not either, really, but I do love Hugh Laurie), Band from TV is the musical guest and IT'S SO. AWESOME. Really, Grunny is SO INTO IT and screaming "Yeah! Come on!" and rockin' out on the drums, and Jesse Spencer is playing the electric violin and Hugh Laurie is on the piano and Adrian Pasdar is on guitar, but he's like, playing it cool and not moving his fingers much and only joining in on the end of every sentence. IDK maybe he was drunk. Wouldn't surprise me. But I don't care 'cause it's AWESOME! WATCH IT!
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I feel like things are returning to their natural order.

And speaking of order, WTF Heroes writers? What the fucking fuck?

P.S. I also re-watched "School Reunion", and whee! I'm so close to having watched every episode that she mentions in her face-off with Rose. Also, ever since watching the old episodes, I see Rose in a whole new light, even though she is sort of special since they turn it into a whole turn-of-the-millenium kind of TV drama. If you know what I mean. Which you probably don't....alright, this P.S. has run it's course.

P.P.S. The town public library has all three DW series in stock! Score!
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Since I was so horribly bad at posting about episodes after they've aired, I'm going to try to write stuff during the episode, while the commercials are going. Hopefully this will yield better results.

It looks like a pretty cool episode, so here we go:

3x05: Angels and Monsters )
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La la la, I wrote fic! For [ profile] squills' Heroes Blue Balls Non-Pr0n Meme! Of course, it's crack, but it's the best kind! Also, it's been a while since I finished something I started. might want to expect a little more out of me in regards to fanfic of the Heroes genre, but that would be posted over at [ profile] sitrow, and it's something of a continuation.

Soooo, yay! I really recommend you do it if you want to, it's actually really fun XD

Also, I went to the Mac store today, and my Personal Assistant kinda looked like David Tennant. Close enough that he was really, really cute.
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Cookie: LOL, what is that?
Beanie: Peter
Cookie: ROFL

Final Product

I fell asleep in bed with my clothes on yesterday. As a result, I had to do my English questions this morning. And he didn't even collect them (fair enough, considering that I got most of them wrong despite having read the majority of the section).

I'm almost done with The War Games. It's making me sad, I'm not sure I'm ready to meet the new doctor. Troughton has grown on me in a way that Hartnell never did (I'm not sure Hartnell ever grew on me at all, I've never been able to see the grandpa comparison). So goodbye to Jamie AND to the Second Doctor? Bleeecch.

Jamie - Dashboard Confessional

One of these days I'm going to post the CD mix I made for Beloved, but that means I'd have to upload all the songs.

I should probably watch Mysterious Skin before I go to Beloit for the weekend. More Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whoo!

I DON'T abbreviate everything, right? [ profile] squeegee_burble has it all wrong. In relation, it's really cool to type when your head is sideways. It just shines a whole new light on the experience.

When I go to a Jason Mraz concert, and if he asks what song he should play next? I'm going to yell out "Little You and I Both!"; and if people stare at me like I'm retarded because I don't know they're two separate songs? I'll just tell them that I like hearing them back to back. Because I do.

As long as the post is being made, I'm going to pimp out my Script Frenzy work again. You know, the TV pilot I'm writing over at [ profile] sitrow. I made it partly friends only, but ya'll know I'm easy, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a pass inside.
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I posted TWO things on [ profile] sitrow today. An unprecedented event!

Both my Peter and Claude fic, which possibly turned out better than I thought it would (thanks to the lovely beta'ing...WHICH I WILL GO BACK AND EDIT IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE) AND the teaser to my Script Frenzy TV pilot. I have another little idea that I think might work out, but we'll see. I'm sticking to one script at a time. I dunno how that'll work out for me.

*crosses fingers*
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Okay, so [ profile] ibroketuesday and I (along with [ profile] cookie_simone but I'm she's technically only in it for the "title") started a comm! It's Heroes, so I apologize to the SPN fans, but it's such a cool idea. Maybe it's because I came up with it BUT WHATEVER. The basic thing is that you go there and you post all your personal canon about whatever character you choose. We're going to have some prompts and stuff, so it should be loads of fun. Come join! It was be crack-tastic!

[ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes
[ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes
[ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes
[ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes [ profile] personalheroes
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So, I wrote my first Mylar fic, and I posted it over on [ profile] sitrow. It's cracky and schmoopy, so you should check it out.

I might write a new chapter in my CAF, but that's if I find time between math, college and essays. My week is going to be pretty busy from now on.

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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Almost immediately ripped off from [ profile] evolia

Without looking at the questions under the cut, make a list of your own 6 favorite tv shows and then answer this meme after you've already written them down.

3.Gilmore Girls
4.Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5.Doctor Who

Questionsssss... )
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My friend and I looked up this:
What I Did Over My Weekend Break )
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More Heroes stuff. Not at all long.

Theories )

And because I felt bad for being so focused on Heroes, I decided to do a Supernatural meme. I doubt anyone really wants to read another recap of BDaBR, so I'll just say that it was awesome and hilarious.

Supernatural meme )
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So, I had a bunch of issues watching last night's episode, which meant that I missed parts of the beginning. I caught up on everything, so now I can give my (very, very, very, VERY detailed) review. Seriously, guys. Why do I write so much? I think it's a condition.

Heroes 2x05: Fight or Flight )
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Truthfully, I probably have to re-watch this episode to take good notes (I definitely liked it thought) because I had a Theater fight with my dad and I almost didn't watch and then I missed the first three minutes, and then another little time. BOTH OF THEM WERE PETER SCENES GODDAMIT. But I will comment tomorrow. I hope none of this was spoilery whatsoever....

Also? My costume hunt isn't going so well. I decided that since I won't be in school on Friday, I might as well live up spirit week. Considering that Wednesday is Sports Apparel Day?...No. But the other two are quite fun. Tomorrow is Hero day, and although my scrubs mismatch, and I cut my wig too short, I'm going as hot!nurse!Peter Petrelli. Hopefully I'll be recognizable? IDK, my wig kind of sucks, and that's what makes/breaks these things. Thursday is Epic Movie Day, which means Star Wars for the seniors. I decided I'm going as Darth Vader. I have a cap, and black garments, but I need a mask and a light saber. I need to buy these things sometime after school this week. Maybe on Wednesday? Wednesday's ideal because tomorrow I have Stage Crew (GAH! I'm usually just loafing around like an idiot! I need a task!). Um, so yeah. Had enough of my ranting?

ETA:But GAH! I have to go take pictures for a staff/police basketball game after school on Wednesday! I hate my's probably fixable though.


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