Jan. 27th, 2008 08:16 pm
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What is Michael Rosenbaum doing in my John Cusack movie with a southern accent?

Hollywood is so incestuous.

Jason Mraz come baaaaaaaaack from Australia!
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Almost immediately ripped off from [ profile] evolia

Without looking at the questions under the cut, make a list of your own 6 favorite tv shows and then answer this meme after you've already written them down.

3.Gilmore Girls
4.Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5.Doctor Who

Questionsssss... )
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Story Time!

Okay, so this story that I wrote a loooong time ago is up at my writing journal. It's Smallivlle, which I was obsessed with at the time (although I was never quite as obsessed with it as I am with Supernatural ;)) and all about the Chlark. It's un-beta'd and a bit uneven, but I think I might go over it eventually and fix some things up. It's a daunting task, because the whole fic is a bit under 13,000 words XD. It's also my only complete fic to date, so let's hope that I can add two more to that list :)
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FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY I have another section of my CAF. Admittedly, it's not that long, but it's something. My fic is still alive I tell you! I just resuscitated it! Go! Read! Comment! Love (hopefully)! It's Gilmore Girls and Heroes..which means I've officially given two chapters to each fandom and can now in good conscience go back to my Winchester boys! Whee!!

Everything's over at [ profile] sitrow as per usual XD
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So, I finally updated my Crazy Ass /"Who's on First?" Fic and you can see it ...


Also, I just watched the Wedding Singer for the first time (sad, I know). It's unbelievably sweet. I mean, the first half wasn't that good (I like Drew Barrymore as an actress, but she seemed a little lackluster at the beginning) but it really grew on me. The scene on the plane was so special. I mean. That's completely ridiculous, but really special. And I loved Billy Idol. I didn't even know that it was him, I thought it was an impersonator until I saw the credits...oops :).

So I've basically just been hanging out recovering from my SAT's. No one is really around so I couldn't do anything. Mimi's sister is home from college, Michele is at Sadie Hawkins, Becca is at Oberlin, etc. etc...but at least I have you guys! *hugs* Hey? Where are you going?

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Tons of music AND a fic update. Who's the greatest?
So head on over to [ profile] sitrow for tons of Chlarky fun, and the next update will be Heroes!
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More fic! I have a new section posted up in [ profile] sitrow that's all Smallville! Have fun!
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So, I just updated my story over on [ profile] sitrow and it's lengthy. I tried to find a good cut off point, but I couldn't, and I figured that it didn't really matter in the long run. I tried to do the characterization to the best of my ability, but I'm always a bit off. So any help on that would be nice. Go! Read! I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Is anyone else's HTML screwy?

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So I've just posted a little introduction from my CAS in my LJ [ profile] sitrow. I'm currently looking for a beta for Supernatual and Heroes (though the Heroes beta-r isn't needed yet). Any takers? Why am I pimping my writing on my non-writing LJ? Because no one knows my other LJ exists. So, yeah. Go read it! It's awesome (I hope).
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So I just decided that I'm going to do a Gilmore Girls/Supernatural/Heroes/Smallville crossover.

..This is going to be FUN.

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So..have I mentioned that a while ago I made this:

And that then I got this:

just saying...
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My YouTube rating for "That Face" went from three stars to two and a half..

That's not cool..
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So I put my music video and a chunk of an ongoing story on the same site. It's all for fans of the same show, and I've continually gone to this site. Overnight, for my music video, I got about three hits, which I guess is respectable. I don't expect people to be on at 11 o'clock in the morning (my recent sleeping habits have me up until 5 AM and then asleep until 2). I check my story and it's had 200 hits overnight. Only one person has commented but..200??? That's ridiculous, really. I can't be that good of a writer..I mean, I could, but I don't think I am..


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