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have you started season 4?
oh fuck
is that an angel like really
seriously guys
fuck that
he grows on you
but seriously
like the show wasn't satisfied with heavy handed metaphor
it needed a motherfucking angel

I feel like I should just keep her around to be my fandom voice.
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Why has there not been a Cas "Wings of Desire" fic?

Or am I just slow?

Also, can anyone recommend a really good, intense movie? Like a psychological thriller, I don't want a melodrama or anything.
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Snobbish though it undoubtedly is of me, I had never conceived of the hybrid of a fan of both Lobachevsky and the emotional Molotov that is Supernatural. I suppose one should be grateful that you weren't looking out clips for "I Hold Your Hand In Mine", although this is as inspired reading of the dynamic between these two gentlemen. An utterly original concept, which, given the constant competition on YT, must be close to the ultimate accolade.

I honestly think this might be a troll. Who words comments this way?! Especially on Youtube.

ETA: Commenter has since erased and replaced with a similar, yet slightly differently worded comment.
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while I got retweeted by Samantha Ferris.

I guess I'm just used to celebrities paying attention to me, with, you know, all that Neil Gaiman stuff.

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Oh God, I wrote a drabble. I guess this counts as fanfic, though it's sort of written like a script. It's an alternate way the series could have gone. I imagine this happening around episode three or so.

Read more... )
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Guess I owe you a couple of things, huh?

Day 2
Well, I just wrote about Clueless for a paper, so I'm probably going to have to watch that tonight and quote everything line by line, but I'm going to go with Moulin Rouge anyway. It really just made me realize that all that things I imagined I could do with movies could really be done. And it has an awesome soundtrack to boot.

Day 3
Yeah, this is a little hard. Glee is my new favorite, but it's probably not going to be in my all-time tops unless the rest of the season and every season after is going to be as awesome as it has been. Supernatural is a favorite, but I'm a little behind (haven't seen anything after hiatus) and although I love it, it doesn't get me uber-excited every time I watch it anymore. Gilmore Girls is gone, Primeval is fun but not my favorite, Fringe I'm just getting started on, so I guess I'm going to have to go with Doctor Who. It's a great show (probably not the best ever, but damned if I'll ever concede that to my friends), and I'm happy and content every time I watch it. I was getting a little old of RTD antics, but hopefully this new season will be so much awesome I'll forget about the bad things.

Day 4
For much of my life it was Harry Potter. Now I'm thinking it's On The Road, by Jack Kerouac, not because of re-readability or anything, or that is fills me with happy feelings, but it really changed my perspective about life and a lot of things. It affected my philosophy in what I think is a positive way, even though the "characters" are clearly batshit insane.

Day 5
"I am two fools, I know
For loving, and for saying so,"
-John Donne

Day 6
I just counted the number of DVDs in my room: 56. Number of box sets: 16. I recently borrowed The Graveyard Book from my friend, even though I'm already reading Can't Buy Me Love (still not done, less than a hundred pages to go), The Magicians (still), all my reading for class and a bunch of really long Harry/Draco fics that my friend gave to me. I've also decided that I'm going to start writing a really bad gumshoe novel, so if you guys want me to post sections of that I might oblige.
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So, do you guys want my write-up of Comic-Con first or the pictures? Because there are a LOT of pictures, and to save you guys all from bandwith hell I might just split those up into two posts (one with celebrities, one without). You can already get my experience of the first day over at [ profile] ibroketuesday's journal. The only things I did not do with those two was going to the TRS panel (EEEEEEEE! I know I'm the only one on my flish who cares, but I WILL SQUEE GODDAMMIT) and going to the Doctor Who panel instead of the Supernatural one. I HAS AMAZING SPOILERS THAT YOU'VE PROBABLY ALREADY HEARD. I do however have an awesome, awesome Heroes panel story so maybe I'll just pick and choose my favorite moments. I don't know, I've never done this before!

Keep in mind that all my photos of celebrities are both ridiculous and well-shot (IISM).
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Questions Unanswered



“What if God was one of us?”

The line stopped for a second as Uriel stood in what Castiel supposed was deep thought.

“Shut up, Castiel.” Uriel took his red plastic tray and slid further down the line, taking a french bread pizza and putting hohos on his tray.

Castiel didn’t like lunch food. In fact, he didn’t really like lunch. He was considering just taking a study hall when-

“Move it, butthead!” The speaker shoved him toward Uriel, who quickly slid away again.
Castiel turned to his assaulter. “Butthead? Thousands of millennia, and all you can think of is

“Can’t beat the perennial classic,” Jeheol said, knocking him out of the way with his arm so he could pick up some chips. “If you want eat, take something, but people are waiting.” Jeheol butted past him and scooted up to the register.

Castiel took an apple, a milk, and something that labeled itself as a cinnamon bon.

Like, dislike?

Found It

May. 27th, 2009 09:05 pm
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Officer Kripke

And I edited to make it more readable. Did my sixteen-year-old self have no sense of script-writing?
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It's's just wonderful. Thank you [ profile] killmotion! I'm taking this as another sign that you're unbelievably awesome. Even though [ profile] maichan808 made it. She can be awesome too.
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Alright, so I know that it was a whole half a month ago and fandom has moved on to bigger and better things, but how do you guys think the SPN writers handled the whole younger half-brother thing? Was it necessary? Did it make a difference that they made fun of themselves in the title? Just because you poke at yourself for being ridiculous doesn't mean you're not ridiculous. I'm reserving judgment right now and am just going to let you guys speak. Not flame or anything, but speak. Consider this a friendly discussion forum.
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1. My iPod is still missing. Sadness D:

2. I think my alarm clock doesn't want me to ever go to Brit. Lit. Even I'm getting sick of the excuse.

3. I'm not undoing the braid in my hair until I get it dyed. I hope my friend likes green because that's the color I had to buy in order to get bleach. I didn't really trust the color removal stuff. Plus, it was more expensive.

4. Digg it:

The Most Intense Website Intro Ever

I still think the comments are the most hilarious part of it. It's energy for god! GODERGY!
Anyone else on Digg? I'm all lonely.

ETA: I was excited enough when they played "A Well Respected Man" on SPN, since I was barely aware anyone but me listened to it, but then I go to Walgreens and they play it over the loudspeaker? Awesome. Kinda.


Mar. 31st, 2009 01:08 am
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On The Head of a Pin )

I'll probably edit in "It's A Terrible Life" (AWESOME NAME, BY THE WAY) after I watch it. Which should not be for a while since I still have two essays.

Or I might start it right now.

Favorite episode of the season?....I think so.

Lots of TV

Jan. 18th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Reviews as I watch them.

Supernatural 4x11 )

The Office 5x11 )

Demons 1x02: Ohhhhh Boy )

I think that's enough for now, even if I do have more to watch later.

Okay, so I've finally manned up enough to watch MBV3D, but now that I'm in college and don't have my beloved Wifey...who'd go with me?
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I hope I did the right things buying some of my books at They don't get shipped until the 22nd (two days after classes start) and how do I know I wouldn't be able to get a better deal at my bookstore? I mean, I checked against the prices online, and only bought the ones that were cheaper (some of them online actually turned out to be more expensive with shipping prices) but I'm still not sure. I don't want to waste more money though, I feel like I've been doing that a lot lately. Hopefully when I get back to college there'll be a couple of receipts in the mail. I also want to sell my books, but they're all back in my dorm.

So! Today I got my ten-year diary. And yes, okay, I admit I stole the idea from [ profile] hobbit_eyes, but it just seemed so romantic, and it's really, truly awesome. The first row is for 2008, so I'm either going to go back in my LJ and fill up what I can, or create a whole magical year of my life. I also caught up on the Office, went to an art supply store, out for dinner and watched Accepted and Moulin Rouge. However, because I'm stupid, I missed the new episode of Supernatural. Very, very lame.

You may notice that I've deleted all my previous Twitter posts, and have discontinued them for the future. I figure I don't want to clog up my front page, and your flists, by things that I can read on twitter itself. But for my friends out there who have it, and haven't already friended me, my name is fuzzywuzzyjr. I still update quite frequently.

Tomorrow I pack for school, and then I'm off on Saturday. I could complain about how I accomplished nothing since I got home from NYC (since I just finished doing that somewhere else), because I haven't read, taken notes on or written anything, but I'll probably (hopefully) do some of that tomorrow (or what's left of it after I wake up) or, you know, just pack.

Hopefully I can keep doing these semi-regular updates once I return to school. I would love to make time for you guys, I swear.
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Contemplating joining [ profile] sncross_bigbang. But what would my story be, and what would I cross it over with?

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\O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/

But right now I don't have anyone to go with or any idea of how I'm getting there.

Vag, the video is coming at you tomorrow (or Friday, depending on how awesome SPN is)!
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Totally stolen from [ profile] ibroketuesday.

It's an experiment of sorts. I took a bunch of famous Winchester brother lines and converted them to another language, and then back to English again.

Dean: No chick tap moments.

English->Language->English Again )


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