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I suddenly want that interview Jensen did for A Few Good Men? The one that my icon is from? But I can't find it one Youtube!


The season finale is tonight! I wish I was more excited than I was, but maybe I'll be less complacent by the time I start watching. I'll have chocolate, and probably popcorn.
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Is it sad that when I watched the first video, I SQUEED because I recognized it from the second?
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I was going to share a really weirdass dream that I had last night, but I'm not sure that it would be of interest to anyone but myself. It's not like a cracky dream, just a weird one.

So instead:

10 Fictional Characters I'd Sleep With! (then date)

Let me get my smexin' on! )
I tag everyone who wants to do it XD.
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I have decided to post my fanmix when:
a) I'm not in capslock heaven anymore
b) It's not Valentine's Day and
c) When there's not a new episode of Season 3 right around the corner.

Ergo, it will be posted tomorrow, even though I have everything uploaded right now.

And YAY! for the Writer's Strike. I swear you guys wait until I'm not paying attention to bombard me with good news.
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So after a year of hard,exhausting work, I finally have it: My first SPN vid.

"A YEAR?!?" You go? "You spent a fricken' YEAR?"

Yes, I did. Because I put it down for several months at a time, and because I got stuck in a couple of places. I also started out on WMM and ended with Vegas, so you can probably tell the difference. Whatever, it works for me.

I'm. So. Happy!

Title: Masochism Tango
Song: Masochism Tango, by Tom Lehrer
Genre: Crack!
Rating: PG


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And yet, I'm okay with that.

Check it out: Elf is the new Smurf

There's also ScroogeYourself, which I'm TOTALLY about to go do.
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So I'm basically catching up on the Con and it sounded FANTASTIC guys. *grumbles*stupidparents*grumbles* But I'm still revelling in all y'all stories and I could not SIT STILL last night because I was jumping around and stuff. I dunno, I just have an active imagination when it comes to those two (and it's TOTALLY not in the way you think I mean it. I swear.)

So, my favorite part? They know about Charlie the Unicorn! That's the best shit ever. Because basically, I was going to send them a postcard from me and my friend with Charlie the Unicorn on the front, and a related joke on the back and so I CAN CONCLUDE THAT I CAN READ JARED AND JENSEN'S MINDS. No joke, this is fact. [ profile] squeegeeburble, do you want your brain back? It's getting kind of crowded in here.

I'm basically just hanging out on Meebo and waiting for my the company person to call so there can be appointment making and then I can revive my computer. I WILL HAVE A ZOMBIE COMPUTER GUYS, THIS WILL BE AWESOME.

Can you tell I'm hyper? No particular reason. I've been singing "Jaded" by Aerosmith all day, and that song just gets me in a good mood, which is weird because it's a pretty depressing song if you think about it. My first driving lesson is today, and that should be boring/new. We'll see. At least it's at my school, so I know have an hour and a half interval in which I am doing nothing. You'd think I'd do homework, because I'm not getting back until 7, but noooo. I probably won't be able to watch Heroes anyway because my dad got all mad about my grades yesterday. Why the hell would I want to fuck up my grades two quarters in a row? My Spanish sub is a freakin' idiot. She basically said that I was back on the right track now, but I don't understand how I was on the wrong track. So yeah, my brain wandered off sometimes, but that's because the class is like the most boring in the world, and I needed to get other stuff done at the time. And I know everyone will throw the whole Bridge Theorem at me, but the rest of the class (even the straight A kids) were slacking off as well. So yeah, screw you Spanish.

*breathes* Okay, what else? I'm pretty sure if I ever got in the proximity of one Mr. Jared Padalecki, some piece of equipment would break in under .05 second. Seriously. When I get hyper (and trust me, I'd be hyper) I get all klutzy and talky and like no one would be able to shut me up. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing when it comes to boys. HAHAHA watch me be completely silent when I finally meet the boys; this will totally happen. Whatever.

Okay, so, my fingers are pretty much ready to slap me for making them go so fast, so I guess I'll just be on later.

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I feel so out of the loop. How did Jub-jub become a nickname for Jensen? If it's part of the blooper reel/extras then don't tell me, but if it's not then I NEED TO KNOW. Just because my dad won't let me buy the DVD's doesn't mean I don't want to be part of fandom anymore, OKAY?

So you know, fill me in on everything that's happened in fandom since...August. *faceplant*
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Post- Labor Day Picscam of the Pretty!

I just felt like doing it. As if I need a reason.

Because of some of the (stupid) confines of my journal, some of the pictures don't fit, so I conveniently linked them to their photobucket counterpart where you can see the whole show. Just click and you'll be able to see everything.

So, so, so, NOT dial-up friendly. Like ever. EVER.

Never has there been so much pretty in such a little space. )

My only problem now is where to x-post it, because it doesn't really fit in one specific community. Should I just screw it and spam them all, or keep it quietly to myself in the confines of my friends-locked journal?

Screw it.
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This is what happens when your friends are obsessed with West Side Story and you're obsessed with...well, you guys all know by now.

This is about the spoiler (but it's not extremely apparent. However, if you're a stickler for being a spoilerphobe, you'll probably want to stay out), and I pretty much changed my opinion on the subject whenever it suited the song, so don't flame me or anything. I do think that my opinion sort of shows up near the end there though..

I just used my name to represent any single fangirl.

Gee, Mister Kripke )
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So, I was watching this video of Scott Patterson being interviewed by Ausiello for hints of his true nature. My English teacher told me recently that a friend of hers went to the set and found out that SP was a jerk (which I don't want to believe) and then told me that the reason Milo left the show was because he and Alexis split, so I know that's false, so whatever. Anyway, I was watching the video, and then I get to the end of it, and I see a blur of Jensen, and I think that it might just be something at the end of the video, but it's actually at the BEGINNING of the video and that Jensen was actually behind Patterson nearly the entire time. So I re-watched the video all over again even though he's blocked most of the time.

Here's the vid.

Jensen leaves at about 3:35. And seriously, what's with the other guy and the sombrero hand movements and the robot convulsing? Weird..but I really hope that's an interview or something, because I want to see it.
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And Jared makes me cough.

I was going to fake-cut over to the next section of my bunny!fic, but I told myself that I had to do at least two math assignments before I wrote my fic, and then I just futzed around for a couple of hours and did no math assignments, so this is where my laziness gets me.

Actually, I've been uncontrollably hyper lately. I couldn't stop bouncing around once I got hope, and I keep on just randomly getting up from my chair and walking in a beeline to no where. I think a lot of is it pent-up energy from the excitement I never felt of meeting Jensen and Jared. Because, you know, those scene I told you about playing over and over in my head. I sort of get excited just thinking about them, even though they'll never happen. And that probably if it does happen, neither one of them will fall madly in love with me and more likely than not we're incompatible.

Also, random, but does anyone have a mood theme for sale/rent/whatever?

I think it's time for some freakin' Supernatural.
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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.

-from [ profile] moondropz

Meme 2 )
-from [ profile] jkelly113

- from [ profile] keepaofthecheez
It's mostly right except for the..exhibitionist part..? I mean, I really don't know, but I get self-conscious wearing a low-cut shirt or a bikini...

So, about the Dead Baby comment..there's a story behind that, but I'm going to tell you about my whole day anyway.

Dead babies and a whole lot more. )
Good night all, and good luck.

(Oh, and if I'm extra nice, I might have picscam tomorrow since I want to procrastinate.)
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As if you wanted MORE proof of my crazy postulations.. I now have video! And it's the clip that reminded me of SPN!

Hehe, enjoy! (And no, I am NOT jumping the shark, it's OBVIOUS SPN stole from Swan Princess XD)
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So, I have something interesting to talk about. Of course, it's under the cut, because it contains images (can you tell I'm a very visual person?)

Click If You're Curious )

In other news, my dad's going to give me a driving lesson tomorrow morning, whee! And I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I WILL DO MY HOMEWORK.
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I'm a bad girl. I secretly stayed up last night and got to see Jensen Ackles give his SHORT POINT THREE SECOND interview on Jimmy Kimmel. The brevity was the only thing that really irked me.

I'm very, very ambushed at the moment. Right now I have a news article, a one-act play, a birthday party, a review for another play and an IB Essay (basically the most annoying things in the world) all due by Monday. Except for the party, because parties can't exactly be given a due date.. I'm afraid there'll be a severe lack of updates. Hence, I'm writing at 1:30 in the morning. I actually have done no homework today, since I was at Stage Crew until 5:30 (from now on, they'll be until 5:30 *le sigh*) and then I had about twenty minutes at home until I had to go to the mall to pick up Becca's present. Then when I came home it was eight, so I started to watch Smallville, then had dinner, then watched Supernatural, and have spent the time from Supernatural until now talking about Supernatural. I lead a sad, sad life.

I should be doing a Theater journal entry for tomorrow, or two-day-late journal entry of English, or taking notes on one of the sections for Euro History. But I'm not. This, folks, is why I'm worried about college.

ANYWAY I actually wanted to talk about Supernatural, believe it or not. But I'm too lazy to type things over and over again, so I'm just going to copy and past from TWoP and adjust accordingly to my musings since that time.

2x16: RoadKill )

I'm going to go write a really crappy journal entry, and then go to bed. Maybe school will let off because of excessive raining? *sigh*
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I now have a billion icons of this:

I mean, seriously. What the hell am I going to tell my teachers?

Teacher: BM, you don't have your homework, why not?
Me: Because, uh, Jensen Ackles had a photo shoot?

And I'm a SAMMY/JARED girl. I swear I am. Jensen (like SPN and Wincest) has just slowly been integrating himself into my life and imagination. Guh.

And speaking of imaginations..please don't tell me that I'm the only one who has conversations with the boys in her head? Because I do sometimes. They're not the only ones, because I did this kind of things with my crushes (none of which I'd spoken more than ten words to), but I don't want to think I'm crazy. I mean, scenes play out in my head. Like, I can see this completely imaginary set/lot where I'm just with my friend talking to them at a table. I go through it word for word . Completely G-rated, but it's like, I'll imagine what it's like to meet them, or if they came to my house and a bunch of impossible stuff. Am I alone? Good God, I'm insane..

P.S. It also happens with my characters (although they're having conversations with each other), so maybe it's a writer thing?


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