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Question: I have made an Inception fanmix. It started out as Arthur/Ariadne, but then the mix firmly put it's foot down and informed me that it was in fact all about Cobb/Mal. I conceded. But I still really liked what I had so far for Arthur/Ariadne, so I figured I could sort of release it as an EP. Something like an addendum to the Cobb/Mal mix? I currently have the artwork for main mix uploaded with all the songs and everything, but I don't have anything like that for the EP. It'll probably have to wait until tomorrow since I just got booted out of a closing Starbucks and my computer is running out battery. So the question is, do you guys think I should post the Cobb/Mal mix now and the EP later? Or all at once?

And just for shits and giggles, this is going to be a poll.

[Poll #1598183]
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This post is (hopefully) one of three on a very interesting movie I saw a week ago.

That I will probably see this weekend.

Probably twice.
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I had this weird dream last night where I was a student in an art class, but it was all girls and only one guy. So there was talk about how the teacher/institution was actually really sexist because they wanted all the art to be a certain way, and it was all very superficial and it would eventually all lead to us being secretaries. Or something. ANYWAY, what I remember was that the one teacher was being SUPERCRITICAL of the art of the sole guy in the class, because it was really excellent and somehow that was bad. They were self-portraits or something, and the teacher called the guy up to have a chat, and I was waiting next in line to discuss art. Here's the clincher, the student? MILO VENTIMIGLIA. And the teacher? ZACHARY QUINTO.


But that's not all. Eventually, Milo turned to some art that was of Zachary and he was all "Oh, well this, THIS is amazing. I mean, really exquisite!" And Milo goes, "YEAH I REALLY LIKED IT I THOUGHT IT WAS PRETTY." and so they continue this conversation where they're pretty much just jerking each other off and one of the last things I remember hearing from Milo was him shouting at Zach, "I JUST WANT MY FEET ALL OVER YOUR BODY!"

ETA: Oh Jesus Christ, they should take my English Major badge away from me.

Speaking of gay things, I went to D.C's Gay Pride Parade, and it was pretty awesome. It was my one goal in life to get as many beads as possible, and there was literally a woman handing them out to individuals, and she skipped me >:O But other than that it was happy awesome fun times.

Cut for video. Yes, there's video. )

In other news, I think I accidentally ordered a pizza for tomorrow afternoon O_o
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Snobbish though it undoubtedly is of me, I had never conceived of the hybrid of a fan of both Lobachevsky and the emotional Molotov that is Supernatural. I suppose one should be grateful that you weren't looking out clips for "I Hold Your Hand In Mine", although this is as inspired reading of the dynamic between these two gentlemen. An utterly original concept, which, given the constant competition on YT, must be close to the ultimate accolade.

I honestly think this might be a troll. Who words comments this way?! Especially on Youtube.

ETA: Commenter has since erased and replaced with a similar, yet slightly differently worded comment.
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For Dream Stuffs )

P.S. Okay, this is getting a little annoying. Does anyone know who to fix my spatial layout problem?
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Hilarious things I have discovered lately:

Onion News Network

Do You Take It ( Youtube)

People are doubly insane during exam time.

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1. My iPod is still missing. Sadness D:

2. I think my alarm clock doesn't want me to ever go to Brit. Lit. Even I'm getting sick of the excuse.

3. I'm not undoing the braid in my hair until I get it dyed. I hope my friend likes green because that's the color I had to buy in order to get bleach. I didn't really trust the color removal stuff. Plus, it was more expensive.

4. Digg it:

The Most Intense Website Intro Ever

I still think the comments are the most hilarious part of it. It's energy for god! GODERGY!
Anyone else on Digg? I'm all lonely.

ETA: I was excited enough when they played "A Well Respected Man" on SPN, since I was barely aware anyone but me listened to it, but then I go to Walgreens and they play it over the loudspeaker? Awesome. Kinda.
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"A woman called and asked, "Do airlines put your physical description on your bag so they know who's luggage belongs to who?" I said, "No, why do you ask?" She replied, "Well, when I checked in with the airline, they put a tag on my luggage that said FAT, and I'm overweight, is there any connection?" After putting her on hold for a minute while I "looked into it" (I was actually laughing) I came back and explained the city code for Fresno is FAT, and that the airline was just putting a destination tag on her luggage."

StumbleOn is my new favorite everything.
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Ugh, guitar wrist, why so hurty?
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I downloaded an LJ app today.

It's probably not great for my gpa.

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My Shakespeare professor was talking about English royal history and how Richard the III didn't in fact kill his nephews and wasn't that bad of a guy, and I had to cover up my spurt of laughter because I immediately thought of Black Adder.

Also, I was in my history class today watching children put on gas masks and I nearly blurted out "Are you my mummy?"


Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:18 pm
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So, if I wrote a show or movie or something about the Greek gods living on a college campus or going to high school, would anyone read it?

This all started with my idea of writing "PANDORA" on someone's present, giving it to them, and seeing if they would still open it.
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I feel like things are returning to their natural order.

And speaking of order, WTF Heroes writers? What the fucking fuck?

P.S. I also re-watched "School Reunion", and whee! I'm so close to having watched every episode that she mentions in her face-off with Rose. Also, ever since watching the old episodes, I see Rose in a whole new light, even though she is sort of special since they turn it into a whole turn-of-the-millenium kind of TV drama. If you know what I mean. Which you probably don't....alright, this P.S. has run it's course.

P.P.S. The town public library has all three DW series in stock! Score!
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Hey, so I haven't really felt it or anything, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone involved new that my most recent non-J11 post was COMPLETELY FAKE. It was a fake!wank that sprung up because I had a lulzy idea in the rules thread, and I was told to go with it. Everyone else who made posts regarding it are totally joking too, so there's nothing to worry about. So yeah, totally not intended to offend anyone or make them feel uncomfortable. I REALLY DON'T HATE THE COMM, I SWEAR. I'm sorry if anyone took it really seriously. I was trying to at least sound serious just so it could've seemed like it was real.

Plus, the hedgehogs have cured me.
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I am up at 6:21 and have not been to bed. Also, I watched Knocked Up.

Paul Rudd is still hot (not that there was ever doubt), although that is not the reason I was on his side about the whole Dream Team debacle. I mean, maybe this just means I'll be a horrible wife, but there should be a life outside marriage, right? People need their alone time. I really didn't like her character from there on out, I just couldn't understand why she freaked out as MUCH as she did. A shock, yes. is better than him cheating.

Also, I love the scripts that Judd Apatow chooses (I'm not sure if he writes them or Jason Segel writes them or whatever, at this point, I don't quite care) because they just like...the characters actually talk to each other and are honest about things and it seems a bit more real life.

ANYway. The Pig Roast is tonight. Watched the last episode of GG with my mom. I'm going to NYC with my sister. I have (thankfully) taken a shower.

At some point I'll probably have to start watching BSG.
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Sooooo, I posted Wendigo. Hopefully I'll be able to get MM done quickly soon, but I have to find a new screencap supplier.

I also have to write my Heath Ledger editorial today.

And I have a bunch of IB orals coming up.

.....I'm actually surprisingly calm.


Jan. 31st, 2008 07:55 pm
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