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I am just so behind, and things are going to be getting any better. I have an exam on Thursday, a paper due Monday and then a final on Thursday. And that's just for one of my two classes. I go back to school that Saturday, and usually the next three to four days month is a collegiate blur of booze and pot and classes.


So I haven't been able to write or do anything of the sort, I've barely been able to mod [ profile] inceptionau (which, actually, doesn't seem to need much modding), and I'm afraid it's going to fail because even though it has 100 watchers (YAY!) there are only three non-mod posts. Drat. Hopefully the challenge will pick things up.

Also, can I mention that when a girl is walking really quickly through a university campus at night with a bunch of bags, it is not a good time to start chatting her up? I was passing this guy, and he was already a couple of feet behind me when he said hey, so I had to wheel around to make sure that I wasn't crazy and hearing voices or anything. My bus was leaving in four minutes across campus, and I told him such and started leaving, and he was like calling after me asking if there was another time. DUDE. I'M IN A RUSH AND I'M CLEARLY NOT INTERESTED. JUST DROP IT.

I should be interviewing people for an essay I have to write tomorrow. For a class about television, which I was REALLY excited about, it turned out to be kinda sucky. I think I'm just annoyed that I had to go back to the real world after my weekend of pure awesome. If anyone feels the need to share in my pain about the end of Sherlock, you may do so in the comments.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt lost out to Taylor Lautner.

Jason Mraz was passed over for Keith Urban.

My faith in humanity is all but gone.

At least Glee won. It was basically the only reason I was watching, since I don't put much stock in awards shows. I just kind of wanted to see them.

That's not a good sign, is it?

I should start watching interviews..

P.S. Jared is getting married? Alright, dude, but don't say fandom didn't warn you.
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Thank you to everyone who sent me virtual gifts!

My paid account expired. As much as I love love love my icons, I'm not sure if it's worth buying back. IDK, I'm very deep in financial straits right now.

Also, busy as hell. I hate essays and finals and the fact that everyone is busy.
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Pretty much life hates me because I was halfway through writing up Sunday (after writing ALL of Saturday) and through some mishap I delete the entire entry. LJ chooses then to autosave. So basically, I'm screwed and I'm gonna have to write up a not-so-awesome second draft which I hate doing since it's never as good as the first.

Also, I've been putting off making updates because I wanted to write about Comic Con first, but I guess that's not going to happen. So? Pimpage. Pimpage all the way.

In the past week I have joined:
[ profile] whedonland (I haven't been sorted yet, but hopefully I'll be an Active.)
[ profile] wholand (Go Team UNIT! There are five members on our team, all the others have at least ten. FML.)

I'm also considering [ profile] spnland but I'm not sure.

Also, welcome to....holy shit there are a lot of you guys. Um, the Deanbottoms crew, I guess? Roam free, my pets. You have entered a land of crack.

Be prepared for memes.

P.S. And please please PLEASE if you have any songs to contribute, post them to [ profile] lookbacksongs. I REALLY don't want that comm to die because it could potentially be my happy place.

P.S.S. Seriously, you guys, any suggestions for movie comms?
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I'm trying to drown out my sister watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" with The Monkees. I think I'm winning, but the fact that she's watching makes me feel icky inside.

My camera! I finally got my camera, and this is roughly what it looks like:

No, wait wait! This is it:

I love EVERYTHING about it (the picture is fantastic and clear and squee-worthy!) but the dial is a little annoying sometimes and I don't think that it has macro, unless it's hidden somewhere. Which means no flower close-ups. I'm going to check the manual to see what's up with that. But the zoom is GREAT. I'm so in love with it.

Sorry for the spaminosity of my posts lately, I promise that is the last for today's ramblings. Yesterday took pretty much 24 hours to compile and responding to comments (although I love them, being I'm a comment!whore and all) was a bitch.

I got out of my internship early so I could watch the Jackson memorial because they basically ran out of things for me to do. All while listening to Pandora and tweeting incessantly. I listened to two versions of "Instant Karma" and multiple live songs by McCartney. Not that I mind, but you think they'd be able to play more songs off of their many many albums. ALSO! I said I wouldn't spam, so I'm not going to post a picture, but I discovered Paul's live album cover that parodies Abbey Road. WTF? Half of me wanted to laugh and the other half wanted to cry.

Two-for-Tuesday pizza at Mama Lucia's! \o/ LOL it's totally worth mentioning.

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Subject Pictures Under Cut )

[Poll #1416858]
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1. My iPod is still missing. Sadness D:

2. I think my alarm clock doesn't want me to ever go to Brit. Lit. Even I'm getting sick of the excuse.

3. I'm not undoing the braid in my hair until I get it dyed. I hope my friend likes green because that's the color I had to buy in order to get bleach. I didn't really trust the color removal stuff. Plus, it was more expensive.

4. Digg it:

The Most Intense Website Intro Ever

I still think the comments are the most hilarious part of it. It's energy for god! GODERGY!
Anyone else on Digg? I'm all lonely.

ETA: I was excited enough when they played "A Well Respected Man" on SPN, since I was barely aware anyone but me listened to it, but then I go to Walgreens and they play it over the loudspeaker? Awesome. Kinda.


May. 22nd, 2008 02:06 am
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Okay, how the FUCK is it 2:00 already?!?

Just because I spent all day watching the Big Fat Quiz Show and The Mighty Boosh and Secret Diary of a Call Girl does NOT mean I wasted my day when I should have been doing Math/Theater.

I'm so, so screwed.


Dec. 18th, 2007 09:32 am
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Also, it has come to my attention that NOT everyone in the universe has seen Rejected (crazy, right?) so I'm here to enlighten y'all:

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Everything is working! Thanks to Anna !

She is my new internet queen. Though she's leaving Friday, and I won't be able to have late night Harry Potter/ LJ/ Fighting over Clay Aiken/Gushing over Jake Gyllenhaal chats.



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