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So yesterday, after realizing I had slept until 6:30 PM and had missed class, I pretty much refused to engage with the rest of the world. A lot of it, I think, was because I had been up for 36 hours, and it still took me two hours to get to sleep. I guess it's a good thing that I have an appointment for next Saturday.

Today was slightly better. I watched an old Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie that was playing on TCM. The British stereotypes greatly annoyed me, but other than that it was fun. I'm still 90% convinced that the movie was about gay jockey love. I mean, seriously, all that time together and neither one made a move on Garland? Ridiculous. Garland and Rooney belong together, in every movie.

[ profile] sixbitsforfact (is that okay? Can I use her name like that?) came over for happy hour, and then we walked into town. We stopped by Barnes & Noble and I picked up the LoTR trilogy. I already had Fellowship, but it was the version with Elijah on the cover and although I like it, I couldn't find the two other companions to that version, so I figure I can sell it or give it away. I feel a lot better having the trilogy being of the same print. If that makes sense? Anyway, it was large paperback and it only cost $30, which I think is decent considering that they look pretty nice. Then we went for ice cream, and then we walked home. Which means I haven't had dinner, but I know there's an extra pizza slice waiting for me downstairs, and some rice.

Wizard of Oz was waiting on TCM for me when I got home, as well as a movie that I spent about a year trying to track. It was finally on megaupload (and megavideo too!), and I'm really happy that I found it. It may or may not be another Mickey Rooney flick...I'm semi-obsessed with Andy Hardy.

I've almost to the end of Buffy and Angel seasons 1 and 4, but I decided to take a little break, since I feel like I've been watching too much TV on my computer. I've also decided to "not stay up all night" but I don't know how well that is going to take. I have to get up before 4 for an interview, so at least I won't sleep in all day.

There are way too many movies playing in DC for me to keep track of. As well as a bunch of plays for the DC Fringe Festival. Why was I not aware of all the amazing DC things before? Bethesda is boring as hell, I should be living in the city! But at least I've latched on now. I've always loved AFI, and in the next couple of days they're playing "Clue" and "Empire Strikes Back". I think I've missed out on seeing "Legend". Goodbye Tom Cruise on a unicorn! And then E Street is playing "Best Worst Movie" which I've been dying to see for years. There's no way I'm missing that.

Well, that seems to be it for now. I attempted a couple of poems the other day, but I haven't made any progress on that Glee fic. I think I need a plot. That seems to be a bit lacking. I haven't forgotten to clean up [ profile] sitrow, I just...haven't done it yet. Oh well. Such is life.
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I had this weird dream last night where I was a student in an art class, but it was all girls and only one guy. So there was talk about how the teacher/institution was actually really sexist because they wanted all the art to be a certain way, and it was all very superficial and it would eventually all lead to us being secretaries. Or something. ANYWAY, what I remember was that the one teacher was being SUPERCRITICAL of the art of the sole guy in the class, because it was really excellent and somehow that was bad. They were self-portraits or something, and the teacher called the guy up to have a chat, and I was waiting next in line to discuss art. Here's the clincher, the student? MILO VENTIMIGLIA. And the teacher? ZACHARY QUINTO.


But that's not all. Eventually, Milo turned to some art that was of Zachary and he was all "Oh, well this, THIS is amazing. I mean, really exquisite!" And Milo goes, "YEAH I REALLY LIKED IT I THOUGHT IT WAS PRETTY." and so they continue this conversation where they're pretty much just jerking each other off and one of the last things I remember hearing from Milo was him shouting at Zach, "I JUST WANT MY FEET ALL OVER YOUR BODY!"

ETA: Oh Jesus Christ, they should take my English Major badge away from me.

Speaking of gay things, I went to D.C's Gay Pride Parade, and it was pretty awesome. It was my one goal in life to get as many beads as possible, and there was literally a woman handing them out to individuals, and she skipped me >:O But other than that it was happy awesome fun times.

Cut for video. Yes, there's video. )

In other news, I think I accidentally ordered a pizza for tomorrow afternoon O_o
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For Dream Stuffs )

P.S. Okay, this is getting a little annoying. Does anyone know who to fix my spatial layout problem?
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Well, I'm totally dressing up like Luna Lovegood tonight and acting the idiot. It shouldn't be that hard XD I'm pretty excited but I know that my costume is going to suck and I'm not totally sure what the plans are. I see silly pictures in my future.

Speaking of the plans, are any of you DW peeps out there going to Comic-Con? Any of you camping out? I'm trying to gauge if a) I will have to camp out in order to see the panel and b) if any of you would mind camping out with me if that happens? I'm generally going to be with [ profile] cookie_simone and [ profile] ibroketuesday but they're not going to that panel so IDK if what I'm going to do. Also, there's a late TRS panel that I'm DYING to go to but that's neither here nor there since I can't really do anything about it until we get there.

I'm not sure if I want The Beatles to beat out Dylan and Sinatra on :/ Speaking of, I finally got my iPod (it's silver!) and a hot pink metal cover and it's awesome awesome awesome. I'm so glad I have my music back with me. As sad as it is, it was hard to leave the house because I'd always want to listen to music.

500 Days of Summer on Friday! BEST MOVIE WEEK EVER.

I should probably sleep and stuff since I'm going to be up all night. Although I'm far too experienced at that.
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THE (✔)-(✖) MEME // my thread

The chances of me spamming you guys today: high. The chances of you caring enough to read: low. Just giving you a heads up!

Also, as long as I'm pimping myself, remember [ profile] sitrow? That whole writing journal thing? Yeah, that's updated. And might be updated again later today if I decide that what I wrote at 4 in the morning is worth reading.

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Alright, does anyone have anything by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Catch 22? I had a craving for some ska, and I only have two Bosstones songs, so I looked to Pandora and they provided me with Catch 22, but I still need moooooore! Permanently.

So, could anyone hook me up?

Still has a sleepover hangover,
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Does anyone have The Sound of Music soundtrack? I'm not sure whether I should be ashamed that I'm asking for it, or ashamed that I don't have it already....

In any case, I just spent two precious hours of sleep downloading music that I found along the way in my search. I'm now very well stocked, but also very sleep deprived.

Then again, last night I had the WEIRDEST DREAM EVER. It had to do with X-Files and David Letterman.
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I am up at 6:21 and have not been to bed. Also, I watched Knocked Up.

Paul Rudd is still hot (not that there was ever doubt), although that is not the reason I was on his side about the whole Dream Team debacle. I mean, maybe this just means I'll be a horrible wife, but there should be a life outside marriage, right? People need their alone time. I really didn't like her character from there on out, I just couldn't understand why she freaked out as MUCH as she did. A shock, yes. is better than him cheating.

Also, I love the scripts that Judd Apatow chooses (I'm not sure if he writes them or Jason Segel writes them or whatever, at this point, I don't quite care) because they just like...the characters actually talk to each other and are honest about things and it seems a bit more real life.

ANYway. The Pig Roast is tonight. Watched the last episode of GG with my mom. I'm going to NYC with my sister. I have (thankfully) taken a shower.

At some point I'll probably have to start watching BSG.
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Today has been a laaaaazy day.

Like, wake up at 4:30 lazy. But I maintain by the theory that if my mom had not repeatedly woken me up at 1, 1:30, 2, 2:15, 2:30, and 2:45, that I would have been out of bed a lot earlier.

The plan for tonight is basically to make popcorn and watch movies. I know there's some movie OnDemand that I want to watch, but I can't remember what. I'll find it.

I saw clips from the Scream Awards (see title) and the only thing that bugged was that Supernatural wasn't there. There was some obscure horror show, but no Supernatural? What kind of crap is that? Whatever.

I think I'll start writing my fic again, I've felt a lack of contribution to the fandom, and while I have been working on one project with a friend, I'm waiting for things to come together. I'll probably start on WoF once I get around to watching my movie.


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