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I am just so behind, and things are going to be getting any better. I have an exam on Thursday, a paper due Monday and then a final on Thursday. And that's just for one of my two classes. I go back to school that Saturday, and usually the next three to four days month is a collegiate blur of booze and pot and classes.


So I haven't been able to write or do anything of the sort, I've barely been able to mod [ profile] inceptionau (which, actually, doesn't seem to need much modding), and I'm afraid it's going to fail because even though it has 100 watchers (YAY!) there are only three non-mod posts. Drat. Hopefully the challenge will pick things up.

Also, can I mention that when a girl is walking really quickly through a university campus at night with a bunch of bags, it is not a good time to start chatting her up? I was passing this guy, and he was already a couple of feet behind me when he said hey, so I had to wheel around to make sure that I wasn't crazy and hearing voices or anything. My bus was leaving in four minutes across campus, and I told him such and started leaving, and he was like calling after me asking if there was another time. DUDE. I'M IN A RUSH AND I'M CLEARLY NOT INTERESTED. JUST DROP IT.

I should be interviewing people for an essay I have to write tomorrow. For a class about television, which I was REALLY excited about, it turned out to be kinda sucky. I think I'm just annoyed that I had to go back to the real world after my weekend of pure awesome. If anyone feels the need to share in my pain about the end of Sherlock, you may do so in the comments.
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This is an interesting story about how I'm totally insane.

Recently, I discovered.... )

P.S. I'm taking a German film class and there are a bunch of people I'm friends with taking it with me. There are six of us and our collective identities include: German history nerds, culture whores/film enthusiasts, Jewish or about-to-be Jewish people, snarky commenters. There is quite a bit of overlap and we all sat in a little group at the back of the class. We watched a movie tonight that dealt with a refugee WWII Jewish family. I'm pretty sure everyone else in the class hated us.

Still creeps into my mind now and then, even today.

ETA: Oh great. Episode 11 of Middleman is apparently infested with OSDW references, so now I have to watch it.

ETA 2: I've decided. I'm not crazy about this show as a college student, but I'm forcing my kids to watch it.
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I have been so tired lately. Being around so many people all of a sudden is exhausting. I just want them to shut up. Sounds bitchy, but it's really aggravating sometimes.

ANYWAY, that's why I haven't had much to say lately. I've mostly been watching quiz and talk shows, but I did catch the latest of Being Human. More on that later.

What I wanted to ask is: Are there any comms that are devoted solely to talk/game shows? Because although I can watch Conan and Jimmy any time I want, I don't have access to the BBC site so I can't see Catherine Tate on Jonathan Ross (OMG HE'S LEAVING, WUT?) and keep up with Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I'm better about the latter, but the former is really difficult to find. Soooo, if anyone had any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

In Other News... )
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Songs To Learn/Perform:

-Sunday Morning (No Doubt)
-It's Alright With Me (Ella Fitzgerald/Standard)
-Into The Dark (Ben Lee)
-How Lovely To Be A Woman (Bye Bye Birdie)
-What Did I Ever Give You (Kaiser Chiefs)
-Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers)
-Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying (Belle and Sebastian)
-I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)
-Train In Vain (The Clash)
-You Keep Me Hangin' On (The Supremes)
-The Lady Loves Me (Elvis & Ann-Margaret)
-Already Gone (The Eagles)
-For Pete's Sake (The Monkees)
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Thank you to everyone who sent me virtual gifts!

My paid account expired. As much as I love love love my icons, I'm not sure if it's worth buying back. IDK, I'm very deep in financial straits right now.

Also, busy as hell. I hate essays and finals and the fact that everyone is busy.
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Livejournal is so fucking awesome for chronicling things, because I inevitably have to go back and find a post that was made months or years ago.

Also, I'm alive. Kind of well. Not really.

ANYWAY, how are YOU?
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Hilarious things I have discovered lately:

Onion News Network

Do You Take It ( Youtube)

People are doubly insane during exam time.

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1. My iPod is still missing. Sadness D:

2. I think my alarm clock doesn't want me to ever go to Brit. Lit. Even I'm getting sick of the excuse.

3. I'm not undoing the braid in my hair until I get it dyed. I hope my friend likes green because that's the color I had to buy in order to get bleach. I didn't really trust the color removal stuff. Plus, it was more expensive.

4. Digg it:

The Most Intense Website Intro Ever

I still think the comments are the most hilarious part of it. It's energy for god! GODERGY!
Anyone else on Digg? I'm all lonely.

ETA: I was excited enough when they played "A Well Respected Man" on SPN, since I was barely aware anyone but me listened to it, but then I go to Walgreens and they play it over the loudspeaker? Awesome. Kinda.
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I'm in the computer lab right now because they're doing the room lottery upstairs and it's taking forever and I'm probably not going to get a room I like. ALSO, this means that I will probably be spending most of my time away from my iTunes at home, so I'm going to ask you, my wonderful flist, a favor.

Will you make tomorrow's playlist for me? I'm going to randomly decide now that the word is "sacrifice", so if you know of any songs that you think really represent this word, or are in the vein of the word, or just kinda have the word in the title, please post! I think it'll be awesome if I get to play a whole show of songs my friends picked.

Totally voluntary, of course.
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I downloaded an LJ app today.

It's probably not great for my gpa.

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My Shakespeare professor was talking about English royal history and how Richard the III didn't in fact kill his nephews and wasn't that bad of a guy, and I had to cover up my spurt of laughter because I immediately thought of Black Adder.

Also, I was in my history class today watching children put on gas masks and I nearly blurted out "Are you my mummy?"
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I now have two copies of King Lear and Henry the VI instead of Henry the IV. *FAIL*

Have been rearranging and reorganizing furniture with my roommate all day, and tonight I'm probably going to watch a movie. The downside about tomorrow is that my class (the first class of the semester, mind you) goes RIGHT through the inauguration. I'm hoping that my professor is kind-hearted and lets us watch because, seriously, it's Obama and I want to watch with a group of people instead of sitting by myself in front of a computer screen like I watch everything else.

Speaking of this:

GO WATCH HUGH LAURIE ON JAY LENO. Even if you're not a House fan (I'm not either, really, but I do love Hugh Laurie), Band from TV is the musical guest and IT'S SO. AWESOME. Really, Grunny is SO INTO IT and screaming "Yeah! Come on!" and rockin' out on the drums, and Jesse Spencer is playing the electric violin and Hugh Laurie is on the piano and Adrian Pasdar is on guitar, but he's like, playing it cool and not moving his fingers much and only joining in on the end of every sentence. IDK maybe he was drunk. Wouldn't surprise me. But I don't care 'cause it's AWESOME! WATCH IT!
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I hope I did the right things buying some of my books at They don't get shipped until the 22nd (two days after classes start) and how do I know I wouldn't be able to get a better deal at my bookstore? I mean, I checked against the prices online, and only bought the ones that were cheaper (some of them online actually turned out to be more expensive with shipping prices) but I'm still not sure. I don't want to waste more money though, I feel like I've been doing that a lot lately. Hopefully when I get back to college there'll be a couple of receipts in the mail. I also want to sell my books, but they're all back in my dorm.

So! Today I got my ten-year diary. And yes, okay, I admit I stole the idea from [ profile] hobbit_eyes, but it just seemed so romantic, and it's really, truly awesome. The first row is for 2008, so I'm either going to go back in my LJ and fill up what I can, or create a whole magical year of my life. I also caught up on the Office, went to an art supply store, out for dinner and watched Accepted and Moulin Rouge. However, because I'm stupid, I missed the new episode of Supernatural. Very, very lame.

You may notice that I've deleted all my previous Twitter posts, and have discontinued them for the future. I figure I don't want to clog up my front page, and your flists, by things that I can read on twitter itself. But for my friends out there who have it, and haven't already friended me, my name is fuzzywuzzyjr. I still update quite frequently.

Tomorrow I pack for school, and then I'm off on Saturday. I could complain about how I accomplished nothing since I got home from NYC (since I just finished doing that somewhere else), because I haven't read, taken notes on or written anything, but I'll probably (hopefully) do some of that tomorrow (or what's left of it after I wake up) or, you know, just pack.

Hopefully I can keep doing these semi-regular updates once I return to school. I would love to make time for you guys, I swear.
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Exam time? Nonsense! Meme time! )

And just for additional competition, I'm racing you guys against my Facebook friends. Make me proud!
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Holy shit, there is almost no time for computers at the college, and it's not helped by the crappy internets that we get here. Regardless, I've been a horrible person and feel like I've missed a bunch, so if there is any major news or just things that you deem important in either TV show history/personal life/fandom life/my life that you think I should know about, leave a comment, I beg you. I really do want to know what's going on!

Also, I'm officially a part of the CAPSLYMPICS and I'm FUCKING EXCITED! Next week will be brilliant (especially the fanmix and x-over, because that's my territory).

Tonight there was the Folk & Blues Festival, and despite the fact that my Elitist Friend (no, seriously, he even admitted to it) kept on talking about how the band wasn't really folksy nor bluesy, I liked it. Their own songs were pretty good, and they did an awesome cover of "Dear Prudence". They also mashed up "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service with "The Middle"by Jimmy Eats World which AWESOME. Such Great Heights was my favorite song for about a year, and I had JUST been listening to The Middle earlier today and thinking about how much I liked it (it's on my iPod, so it hadn't been that long since I'd heard it, but still). Just...amazing. That they thought to put these two completely different songs together, one being Indie, and one being 90's Alt. Rock.

There was also a film festival tonight (as there was last night, which included a 70's porno with a plot, and Starship Troopers) wherein we watched "From Dusk to Dawn" which is a VAMPIRE movie set in Mexico with George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino (WHOSE A CREEPY BASTARD) and Selma Hayek. Plus the guy who played Shaft. The entire movie was ridiculous, and even though I don't like blood and guts, I had to admit that it was pretty amazing for it's camp-ness. Then we watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which I'd only seen half of before, and then WALL-E....I love this school.

I also had more beer tonight that I've had before, but that still amounted to less than half the bottle, LOL...I think. In either case, I'm not drunk and haven't been since I got here. Also, most of my friends have had the opportunity to get high, but I have not. It sucks. But eventually it's going to pop up, I hope.


(P.S. I found a guy who likes Supernatural, Mitch Hedberg and Demetri Martin, but he has a girlfriend at home :/)


Aug. 18th, 2008 07:54 pm
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I'm so far behind it's beyond ridiculous. Sorry guys, school kind of just took over my life.


Aug. 14th, 2008 11:11 pm
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In Milwaukee. No Wifi yet, didn't bring ethernet cord :(


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