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Out of all the networks, and all the stations and all the TV shows in the world, I'd just like to remind everyone that's upset that we will always have Colfer.


I really don't know how to feel about this episode. I think if it hadn't been preceded by two of the worst in the entire season, I might have felt better about it. The back nine was all over the place, no one's really disputing that fact. This episode, by itself, would have sufficed as a perfectly adequate and somewhat realistic conclusion to the themes explored so far in the show, but it wasn't enough because the storylines it tied up weren't really storylines. They were more like...story staccatos. My hope for the future is that they'll take this summer to plan out a season-long arc and put it into action next year. I'm hoping that some of this disparity was caused because they didn't know they were getting nine more episodes, and were kind of at a loss at what to do. The thing is, they did come up with some excellent (or at least, interesting) arcs, but they just didn't do anything with those. They chose to focus on the ~theme~ instead of the characters themselves, and they worked the storyline around that. My other gripe is that they seem to take feedback to the extreme. For example, the first 13 episodes could probably have done with a little less baby drama. Definitely. But that doesn't mean that it should be ignored for the 7 of the last 9 episodes. It just doesn't work that way. You found a way to give time for Terri's story. And least that makes sense. But you can't just completely drop Quinn and then expect us to care when her baby is delivered. (I did care, but also felt extremely ripped off).

I still love this show. A lot. And the one thing that has consistently kept me coming back was the amazing performances of songs that I love, will probably love in the future thanks to the show, and have loved in the past that still make me happy today. And right now, most of the actors completely stun me every time they're on screen, but the show has got to let them act and not worry so much about where the next storyline is coming from or what number they're leading up to.

There it is. I'm going back to Chris Colfer videos.
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