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I have claimed a prompt at [ profile] inception_bang.

I have two essays, a final exam (after the test I took today), and all my packing for school ahead of me in the next week.

One of these essays is for the class that wanted me to take Jersey Shore as a serious cultural example. Guess which class I don't give a shit about?!

I might sign up for a GameFly account so I can have my Photobucket bandwidth back. I'd split it up with all my friends so we'd only each have to pay a dollar a month, or we'd trade of paying each month in a rotation. I've already gotten two people to say yes, which means I might be taking my PS2 to college with me.

It's gotten to the point where the difference between reading my flist and reading my FB timeline is sometimes negligible. Not even close to possible two years ago. I love it.

Tell me about your life!
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I am just so behind, and things are going to be getting any better. I have an exam on Thursday, a paper due Monday and then a final on Thursday. And that's just for one of my two classes. I go back to school that Saturday, and usually the next three to four days month is a collegiate blur of booze and pot and classes.


So I haven't been able to write or do anything of the sort, I've barely been able to mod [ profile] inceptionau (which, actually, doesn't seem to need much modding), and I'm afraid it's going to fail because even though it has 100 watchers (YAY!) there are only three non-mod posts. Drat. Hopefully the challenge will pick things up.

Also, can I mention that when a girl is walking really quickly through a university campus at night with a bunch of bags, it is not a good time to start chatting her up? I was passing this guy, and he was already a couple of feet behind me when he said hey, so I had to wheel around to make sure that I wasn't crazy and hearing voices or anything. My bus was leaving in four minutes across campus, and I told him such and started leaving, and he was like calling after me asking if there was another time. DUDE. I'M IN A RUSH AND I'M CLEARLY NOT INTERESTED. JUST DROP IT.

I should be interviewing people for an essay I have to write tomorrow. For a class about television, which I was REALLY excited about, it turned out to be kinda sucky. I think I'm just annoyed that I had to go back to the real world after my weekend of pure awesome. If anyone feels the need to share in my pain about the end of Sherlock, you may do so in the comments.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I hate this question. I hate all similar questions.


(By the way, HOLY FUCK did you see the new Doctor?!!)
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Thank you to everyone who sent me virtual gifts!

My paid account expired. As much as I love love love my icons, I'm not sure if it's worth buying back. IDK, I'm very deep in financial straits right now.

Also, busy as hell. I hate essays and finals and the fact that everyone is busy.
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Yeah, I'm still alive, believe it or not.

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Livejournal is so fucking awesome for chronicling things, because I inevitably have to go back and find a post that was made months or years ago.

Also, I'm alive. Kind of well. Not really.

ANYWAY, how are YOU?


Dec. 21st, 2008 11:41 pm
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Shows I Am Watching Or Waiting To Watch:
Clarissa Explains It All (Season 1)
Drake and Josh (Season 2 BUT IT'S SO SLOW)
X-Files (Season 2)
Angel (Season 2)
Buffy (Season 5)
Doctor Who (Seasons 13+14)
Pushing Daises (catching up from 2x06)
Blackadder (Season 1 BUT IT'S SO SLOW)

Movies I Am Waiting To Watch/Finish:
Streetcar Named Desire
Cast A Deadly Spell
Pathology (except...ew ew ew)
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Dead and Breakfast
Hocus Pocus (who doesn't need to see it again?)
Home for Christmas
Secretary (again)
The Wackness

Books I Want To Read/Finish:
The Subterraneans
Twilight + sequels
Fellowship of the Ring + sequels
Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War
A Long Way Down
Don't Know Much About History
Love is A Many Trousered Thing
The Beautiful Miscellaneous

Things I Should Write:
The SurREAL World: Heroes
Bothered and Bewildered
And In The End
Make 'Em Laugh
Cargo Pants
The Greek Life

Boredom Level: Surprisingly high.
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Sooooo, I posted Wendigo. Hopefully I'll be able to get MM done quickly soon, but I have to find a new screencap supplier.

I also have to write my Heath Ledger editorial today.

And I have a bunch of IB orals coming up.

.....I'm actually surprisingly calm.
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God good I'm screwed.


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