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2019 Edit: Shia surprise! I don't even use listography anymore, but sporadically and thoroughly update with thoughts and reviews. Most of the stuff I watch I keep track of manually now in my journal, but if you want to know what episodes I watched on April 2nd, 2016 I can definitely let you in on that. (I will also probably do an end of the year round up of completed seasons/movies.)

2017 Edit: Surprise, this is super old and out of date. I have some more lists here on listography, although my 2016 is missing because I lost my journal.

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Now I'm watching a Spencer and Hepburn AND THEY ARE ALSO PLAYING CLAIRE DE LUNE

ETA: The film is called Without Love and it's a little weird but it's such a delight seeing Lucille Ball really put to good use and knock it out of the park with Tracy.

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I have access to TCM again, so that's mainly what's been filling up my time Not Working. My sleep is pretty bad so tonight the issue will be keeping myself sane overnight and then finding the right balance of sleep to wake up for my 4 PM shift.

I'm going through the back catalog trying to catch up (they delete a day's worth of movies at midnight) and there was a Maureen O'Brien day so I watch a few of hers. I really like her, but one WWII precocious child film after another can get a bit much
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Seriously, this ship should be the biggest thing in the goddamn verse but it got ruined thanks to homophobia and property rights.

I mean, can you even imagine it? There's literally nothing more suited to billions of fics and fanvids. Like Obi Wan is in there in the beginning all "oh yes. this is familiar. Just like when I fell in love with your father," and Luke's like "what" and Obi Wan's all "nevermind HERE HAVE A MAGIC GLOWY SWORD"

and then leia's there and I know there's already a popular tumblr post about this but can you IMAGINE the those weeks on hoth with the hormones piled six inches higher than the snow and it's all sex force dreams and furtive glances and luke and leia think they're attracted to each other but they're actually just feeling each other's attraction to han

and han's all "por que no los dos" and luke and leia slap him at the same time and he's like "into it" and that's when they all kind of knew but no one knew that luke and leia were related

and he thinks leia is gonna be the hard one to persuade but it's actually luke. LUKE who until five minutes ago never had half an inch of a backbone is suddenly like "it's either just me or not at all" and then starts taunting him. making sure that han sees him working on the tie fighter whenever it's car wash day, announcing barely coded come ons during official on-the-record meetings, passing by whenever han and leia are loudly arguing and brushing past han just enough to be a problem

hell, when they were freezing to death in the taun-taun han probably tried to reassure him, "we've been in tight spots like this before" and luke mutters "I know of another tight spot" and han thinks back to the golden days when luke used to get nervous whenever han raised an eyebrow and tremble a bit at hand-holding with an 'aw shucks' grin

fandom, give me this pairing IT IS WAY PAST DUE

also have my favorite skysolo song

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[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet

I thought figuring out how to use this bookmarklet would be difficult but
a) it's not
b) it seems like it'll be super handy for signal boosting and keeping track of important fandom meta

Edit: totally irrelevant to the post, but I turned off IP logging in comments because it was ruining the ~aesthetic~ and I hated it. the comment boxes still look to big and bulky too me but IDK what to do from here, maybe it's a theme issue
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Oh man, I have to find a new mood theme. This'll take hours.

My LJ theme was JGL but because I'm considering even updating my icons (from...around 2013 I wanna say?) I think I can find something fun and fitting.

Merlin would be fun.

Edit: Apparently I'm not rich enough to have a custom mood theme.
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Remember when Andrew Lee Potts was a Huge Bloody Deal and everyone (including me) had this huge ass crush on him and he was on Primeval for a gazillion years and then just...kind of disappeared?

I mean I'm looking at his wiki page and he hasn't had a lot of luck.


(god I miss primeval)

(it sort of seems like a small sf fandom thing and that genre fandom will never be that small and manageable again? am I talking crazy?)


Jan. 16th, 2019 03:47 am
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I've been finishing up cleaning up and organizing my tag system into something readable, which means I realized again that my entire journal from high school was also crossposted (or just straight up transferred) here and like...

Okay, I really don't want to delete those posts because that time and those memories will...maybe one day be precious to me. But at the same time I have tags for Johnny Depp and my senior theater class woes and I refer to my RL friends by codenames and it's all very...high school.

Not like I have to start completely over, but there was quite a large gap (filled by tumblr) and a lot of the tags I used probably won't be useful anymore. I get to fill it up with new tags for my new obsessions and my new pretty boys.

I'm also just really not used to giving a shit about tags because tumblr was the fricken' wild wild west. I probably have to redo my likes and interests on my profile too, but...uh...refer to the post below for why that's a drag.

Thank you for listening to my rambles, here is a skysolo video I found yesterday:

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Okay so here is, essentially, my forever problem...

This is my (highly curated) list of things I'd like to watch, and although I've maybe made some progress on two or three of them, I haven't actually finished much. Also I was working on catching up on DCTV (which is four, and then five, shows at a time. I am two years behind because of grad school) and making okay progress I guess, but then I got sick for three days and started watching The Muppet Show.

Muppet Show is very easy to watch, and very quick, but there are five seasons and I doubt I will watch it all the way through.

Also I have four episodes left of Merlin.

Also I put on an episode of Smallville while I was re-stringing my guitar because fuck why not it's my favorite

Also every time I see fic for a fandom I'm not in I get interested and am like "oh, I should watch Man From UNCLE and DS9 and Northern Exposure"

Also I want to read fic (I don't) and read books (which I can't on my commute because I get motion sickness) and listen to podcasts and audiobooks and and and
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Do I want to pay the cash to change my current name (from the year 2005~) to "smooth-mccrimmonal" like it is on tumblr?

DO I?!

And what happens in three weeks when I want to change it to whatifigetbored or stonyclingskysolobabies or whatever.

(This post brought to you by five minutes in Doctor Who fandom.)
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My current project is going through and reading all the old fic I downloaded in 2012 and then moving on to the 10 or so current fic I have on the plate.

And somehow a Tony/Loki love spell fic wound up on there.

It's really good.

I'm pissed.
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Avengers Assemble fic better be really, really good because this show almost isn't worth it
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I bought the wrong Hickmanvengers.
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There has to be a New Blood fandom, right?

It's like every 70s cop show, it's just impossible that there's not.
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God, I really need a tablet. I'm actually looking into them now because I want to resubscribe to Marvel Unlimited. I'm not sure my poor little budget can handle it, but I want to make it fit.

So some stuff I'm working on to make DW my new home (or at least, side bungalow or country house or whatever):

I've done some tag wrangling, although it's not all done yet. Everything got imported from my LJ, and it was hopelessly convoluted then too. I might just make a clean break and say that some of the older posts might be inaccurately tagged but for future purposes they're all gonna go under the same banner. Some of them I'm sure I won't even use again but at least they'll be easily navigable.

I'm also working on getting all my mixes in order and making a masterpost. It'll be under construction for a while, since it turns out I have a lot of mixes, over a multitude of platforms, and I'd like to be thorough. I still don't have a favorite distribution method/site, since spotify doesn't always have the versions of songs I want, google play seems unpopular with others, and 8tracks is the worst and basically gone now. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them. I used to upload them all in a zip file but it would take me hours to find mp3s and renumber them all and get them sorted, so I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Does DW have a little list of tags that come up like LJ did? That would be useful.
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Okay, well I started Avengers Academy again, so someone is gonna have to hold my hand while I bitch and bitch about the first couple of episodes.

It gets better, right? Like, I know it's a kid's show, but Falcon gets better?

PS IF I WERE TO READ NOIR, WHAT NOIR WOULD IT BE. I assume Iron Man at least, but is there a chronology or something like that?
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Who knows, honestly.
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So everyone has switched from LJ to DW? Guess it makes sense since LJ is so bogged down by spam all the time. I'm still getting fake comment e-mails from posts I made years and years ago. Possibly the worst part of that is that I then read those posts and have to shake my head. Just a little. It's mostly grammatical errors that I can't believe I didn't catch.

ANYWAY. Hi Internet! How are you? I've been over at tumblr, mostly, and around on twitter. I've kind of cut down on the long form blogging....this is probably all stuff that's been covered multiple times before.

The shows I've been watching are:
- Gravity Falls (this is where 98% of my fandom energies have gone)
- Parks and Rec
- Happy Endings
- Revenge
- Firefly

I've started re-watching Buffy even though I just finished Season 7 this summer because one of my friends hasn't seen it yet and I AM DETERMINED to make him watch.

Also, in club lounge we just watched five Sherlock episodes in a row (skipped The Blind Banker) and I had to have Reichenbach feels all over again. It was horrible.

Errrr, what else is happening? If you want to know about boys, well...I could probably go on for a long time about that. Not really worth it, right? I'm trying to teach myself to just trust myself (and him) and not over think every damn thing because that's usually when things get screwed up.

As you can probably tell, my sleeping isn't all that improved. I've had good streaks and bad streaks, but right now I'm kind of on a downward spiral. Might be because finals are coming up? Stress usually sends me spiraling off course. Hopefully I can make it through this week and get everything sorted out over the long weekend. I was a derp and signed up for a 10 AM class next semester so I'm hoping to hell that I won't fuck it up. Ahhhh, insomnia is a bitch. I remain as hopeful as I can be.
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Title: Here Comes Your Man (1/?)
Universe: Movie-verse
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Tony/Pepper - one-sided
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: teen drinking, smoking and angst
Word Count: 5,862
A/N: I apologize for nothing.
Summary: He had wavy blonde hair that glinted in the sunlight and an easygoing smile filled with perfect teeth and a confident walk that all added up to the dreamiest hunk Tony had ever laid eyes on. And Tony was definitely buying it. He bought it so hard they’d have to take it back to the cash register and reexamine the bar code because damn no one could believe how hard he bought it.

“You’re drooling,” Gin pointed out.

On AO3

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