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2017 Edit: Surprise, this is super old and out of date. I have some more lists here on listography, although my 2016 is missing because I lost my journal.

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My current project is going through and reading all the old fic I downloaded in 2012 and then moving on to the 10 or so current fic I have on the plate.

And somehow a Tony/Loki love spell fic wound up on there.

It's really good.

I'm pissed.
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Avengers Assemble fic better be really, really good because this show almost isn't worth it
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I bought the wrong Hickmanvengers.
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There has to be a New Blood fandom, right?

It's like every 70s cop show, it's just impossible that there's not.
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God, I really need a tablet. I'm actually looking into them now because I want to resubscribe to Marvel Unlimited. I'm not sure my poor little budget can handle it, but I want to make it fit.

So some stuff I'm working on to make DW my new home (or at least, side bungalow or country house or whatever):

I've done some tag wrangling, although it's not all done yet. Everything got imported from my LJ, and it was hopelessly convoluted then too. I might just make a clean break and say that some of the older posts might be inaccurately tagged but for future purposes they're all gonna go under the same banner. Some of them I'm sure I won't even use again but at least they'll be easily navigable.

I'm also working on getting all my mixes in order and making a masterpost. It'll be under construction for a while, since it turns out I have a lot of mixes, over a multitude of platforms, and I'd like to be thorough. I still don't have a favorite distribution method/site, since spotify doesn't always have the versions of songs I want, google play seems unpopular with others, and 8tracks is the worst and basically gone now. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them. I used to upload them all in a zip file but it would take me hours to find mp3s and renumber them all and get them sorted, so I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Does DW have a little list of tags that come up like LJ did? That would be useful.
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Okay, well I started Avengers Academy again, so someone is gonna have to hold my hand while I bitch and bitch about the first couple of episodes.

It gets better, right? Like, I know it's a kid's show, but Falcon gets better?

PS IF I WERE TO READ NOIR, WHAT NOIR WOULD IT BE. I assume Iron Man at least, but is there a chronology or something like that?
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Who knows, honestly.
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So everyone has switched from LJ to DW? Guess it makes sense since LJ is so bogged down by spam all the time. I'm still getting fake comment e-mails from posts I made years and years ago. Possibly the worst part of that is that I then read those posts and have to shake my head. Just a little. It's mostly grammatical errors that I can't believe I didn't catch.

ANYWAY. Hi Internet! How are you? I've been over at tumblr, mostly, and around on twitter. I've kind of cut down on the long form blogging....this is probably all stuff that's been covered multiple times before.

The shows I've been watching are:
- Gravity Falls (this is where 98% of my fandom energies have gone)
- Parks and Rec
- Happy Endings
- Revenge
- Firefly

I've started re-watching Buffy even though I just finished Season 7 this summer because one of my friends hasn't seen it yet and I AM DETERMINED to make him watch.

Also, in club lounge we just watched five Sherlock episodes in a row (skipped The Blind Banker) and I had to have Reichenbach feels all over again. It was horrible.

Errrr, what else is happening? If you want to know about boys, well...I could probably go on for a long time about that. Not really worth it, right? I'm trying to teach myself to just trust myself (and him) and not over think every damn thing because that's usually when things get screwed up.

As you can probably tell, my sleeping isn't all that improved. I've had good streaks and bad streaks, but right now I'm kind of on a downward spiral. Might be because finals are coming up? Stress usually sends me spiraling off course. Hopefully I can make it through this week and get everything sorted out over the long weekend. I was a derp and signed up for a 10 AM class next semester so I'm hoping to hell that I won't fuck it up. Ahhhh, insomnia is a bitch. I remain as hopeful as I can be.
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Title: Here Comes Your Man (1/?)
Universe: Movie-verse
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Tony/Pepper - one-sided
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: teen drinking, smoking and angst
Word Count: 5,862
A/N: I apologize for nothing.
Summary: He had wavy blonde hair that glinted in the sunlight and an easygoing smile filled with perfect teeth and a confident walk that all added up to the dreamiest hunk Tony had ever laid eyes on. And Tony was definitely buying it. He bought it so hard they’d have to take it back to the cash register and reexamine the bar code because damn no one could believe how hard he bought it.

“You’re drooling,” Gin pointed out.

On AO3

Moooooore )
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Title: Taking Back the Tower
Universe: Movie-verse and 616
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, past Clint/Natasha
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Hulk
Word Count: 3,179
Beta Reader: [ profile] stripedteacups
A/N: Some references to Hey La, and it takes place in the same universe, but it's pretty stand alone. Comments are always appreciated.
Summary: Clint gets bored easily. Steve and Tony can't keep it in their pants. Natasha fixes both problems in one go, as usual. 

On AO3

Clint was bored. You’d think that an expert archer on a team of diverse superheroes who all lived together and were determined to rid the world of menace would find little time to be bored, but then you wouldn’t know Clint. Clint could get bored base-jumping off the Helicarrier into the Atlantic while trying to wrestle off a drunken Skrull if he thought that the alien’s weaponry wasn’t shiny enough. So hanging around the house with a sarcastic jerk who had a lot of time on his hands turned up some pretty interesting stories.

Like one time... )

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Title: Hey La, Hey La
Author:[ profile] barkinmad
Summary: Sometimes, the best nights are the ones Tony is drunk.
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony
Word Count: 1,928
A/N:Oh hey, apparently I exist again.

On AO3, thus making this whole post irrelevant

There’s very little Steve enjoys more than a drunk Tony. No, listen, listen – he’s been in the company of soldiers. There are the regular drunks (aka every soldier that’s seen action) and then there were the Howling Commandos, who put everyone else to shame at least four times a week. If any of them are still around, they might be able to tell you about The Lipstick Brocolli Incident, which is as good an argument for gender equality in the army as Steve has ever heard.

But absolutely none of that compares to the way Anthony Stark reacts to alcohol. Like, considering when he’s completely sober (which is rare) he acts like a coke addict or at least a very, very eccentric mad scientist, and that he’s probably always doing at least twelve complicated equations in his head at any given time and the fact that he is continually injecting himself with any number of untested and highly volatile chemicals that apparently let him see all of creation or help preserve the fabric of reality or whatever, when you add in a drink that makes everything bubble to the surface the results are kind of awe-worthy. It’s a bit like Katie Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, except sped up a couple hundred times. (Didn’t get that one? Steve’s working on it.  Movie night includes a lot of interesting entries, to say the least.)

Mooooooore )

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Tumblr, so help me god, if you don't fix yourself soon...
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I miss having multiple icons.

That's one thing LJ does better than Tumblr, at least.

Of course, mine are all completely outdated now. Sigh.


Jan. 1st, 2011 05:16 am
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*Seen in Theaters (Movies)
+New this Year (Books/Movies)
Movies I've Seen )
Books I've Read )
Music I've Enjoyed )
Fandoms I've Joined/New Obsessions )
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Dear all of Livejournal.

I'm in need of this shirt:

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I recently stumbled across some delicious, delicious photos on ONTD that will be occupying my thoughts for the rest of the night:

Dreams, sweet dreams for you. )

In related news, I bought a typewriter! And I was a gangster for Halloween (Schyler thought I was the Doctor and Max thought I was a generic person from the twenties, Drama llamas have been running around on campus, but I'm too worried about my sleep schedule to really partake in anything else. Speaking of which, I need to get to bed and not miss class tomorrow.
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I bullshitted a lot of this, but I think this actually sums up my feelings on the show pretty thoroughly. I didn't actually interview these friends specifically for this assignment, but I've either heard them comment on such things, or know that it's how they feel about the show. Obviously, I'm leaving names out:

Glee seems to be a new phenomenon. Just finished in its first year, it’s already renewed for a third season, and merchandising has been through the roof with CDs, concerts, and talks of a Broadway production. For a show that is about high school outcasts, it certainly seems to speak to a huge number of people. The most obvious thing about the show is its taste in music. While it has a number of songs from the Top 40, it also selects from a number of popular tunes of the past, ranging from Queen to Billy Idol to Vanilla Ice. There are also occasionally tunes that haven’t been heard in public media since the thirties and forties. Most especially, there is usually a good mix of Broadway show tunes involved in the production, giving the entire show an ethereal, campy and musical-like quality. But choosing the best songs of all time wouldn’t matter if they weren’t well done. Glee has a certain way of changing a song just enough that it’s new and relevant, while remaining true to the source material. True, a ballad version of “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga doesn’t seem like a work of musical genius, but it’s surprisingly catchy, and undoubtedly well-sung, since the characters are played by two well-known Broadway actresses. The show certainly has a lot to offer in terms of speaking to a group of people who don’t get a voice on TV all that often: fans of good music, and even more specifically, Broadway.

The show also has an interesting representation of minority characters. It has a reputation for being one of the most diverse casts on television, with its share of black, Asian, Jewish, disabled and homosexual teenagers. Perhaps as a joke of the treatment of such characters in other shows, these characters are sometimes given stereotypical lines or actions that are usually performed in a tongue-in-cheek matter. Although these instances can be funny, it should be noted that in their attempt to make fun of the situation, the writers may simply be furthering the stereotypes themselves, or not giving them the full attention they deserve. There have also been complaints that they aren’t given as much screen time as the white members of the cast. While this is a valid complaint, the show has introduced us to a very large number of characters in a short period of time, and the show runners have made optimistic overtures to the fans that each character will get their due in the future seasons. Perhaps one of the main causes for this concern is that not much screen time is left between the musical numbers, which have gotten larger and more elaborate as the show got more and more popular.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to the show. While it’s admirable that the writers don’t waste time with filler, the breakneck speed of the show would do a lot better if some lines were drawn between plot points. Sometimes characters go form one polar extremity of an emotional spectrum to the complete opposite between scenes, with no explanation given. Episodes tend to have individual plots that all wrap up within the course of a single hour, much like a sitcom, and the reset button is hit so often that the characters never get to learn anything from their endeavors. This refusal to make emotional progress from one episode to the next, along with the haywire antics of the characters, sometimes makes the show intolerably frustrating to tune in to every week. But then, the musical numbers are so well executed and catchy, it becomes an irresistible trap.

Many others who watch the show apparently feel the same way. There seemed to be a major difference between the first thirteen episodes that aired in the fall, and the last nine episodes that aired in the spring, after a three-month hiatus. According to SV, the earlier episodes were a lot more realistic in the way it portrayed high school life, and the messages about teenagers and sexuality were somewhat revolutionary on network television. “There’s one point where Rachel says, ‘Girls want sex just as much as guys do,’ and I really liked that. That’s not expressed enough on TV.” The second half of the season seemed a bit more moralistic, with the choral teacher ending almost every episode with some kind of lesson. This change in direction might relate directly to what was being talked about in Heartland TV, where the producers or network executives regard the general midland masses as needing a more wholesome program. Without the teacher guiding the students to the proper conclusions, parents or the general public might feel as though the show lacked a “moral center” and wasn’t suitable for TV.

However, the show has not completely given up on controversy. Several of the episodes heavily focus on the life of a gay teenager struggling to deal with his identity in a rural Ohio town. Of course, most of the students there are not very accepting and this adds to his feelings of being an outcast. Originally one of the more minor characters, Kurt has become a fan favorite, and had a much a bigger presence in the last nine episodes, proving that sometimes a devoted audience can have a say on what they see on the screen. There has rarely been a homosexual character this well depicted on network television, although the show does sometimes veer into stereotype. The show writers’ treatment of the character is not totally perfect, but it can be considered a giant step in the right direction. “I’m sure it meant a lot to a lot of people,” KA says, “They really promoted the issue of acceptance.” K says he watches the show because it’s simply fun. There are really no ties between his life and the television show other than it’s enjoyable to watch.

ER seems to agree with this. “I was hesitant to watch it at first, because I thought it would be too cheesy. But I actually enjoyed it.” However, she usually only watches the show when her friends are around. She probably wouldn’t have sought it out herself. This might speak to the social dynamic that television plays in our lives. Half the shows we watch are because other people started watching them first. There are often a number of shows that people learn to appreciate through mere exposure. With water cooler talk still being an important part of social interaction, it benefits people to share television shows with groups of friends. It can also benefit future interactions as icebreakers and general pop culture knowledge. This has been proven true over and over, especially with sudden popular shows like Glee. There are so many fans, and so many people with complaints, that bringing up the show it sure it start an interesting conversation. Whatever is new is sure to be something of a hot button topic, especially a show as bright and campy as Glee.

Glee has certainly affected many people, either through their optimistic representations of misfit high school students, or the weekly message they send out that if you want to sing, you just go ahead and sing out. It’s interesting to see a culture react as strongly as ours did to the popularity of Glee. It seemed to immediately polarize people into two groups: those who get it, and those who don’t. However, the ultimate effect of having a show that speaks to all ages – the music selection and pop culture references were obviously arranged by someone who has a great appreciation for all decades – and that portrays a positive, accepting environment for people who might not already have one, goes to show just how important a single television program can be to the general public. Part of what makes Glee so successful is the devotion of its fans. There would be no concerts, or CDs or any hope of merchandizing if the fans didn’t somehow feel connected to the show. Even though it has its faults, it’s clear to see its impact on culture and how it is both a reflection and representation of our society.


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